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Oceans Word Scramble Puzzle



rubber ducks: in 1992 a shipping container carrying what were lost at sea, volcanoes: 75% of these are found in the pacific ocean, oceanographer: a person that …

The Year 1933 Word Scramble Puzzle

The Year 1933


fdr: 32nd president elected, dukemit: phil is an alumni of both, robert: he can cuff a felon or deworm a dog, crew: great-grandson with a special heart, hormel: …

Light Interactions Word Scramble Puzzle

Light Interactions


reflection: the bouncing of light or other waves off a surface., opaque: the quality a material has when light cannot move through it., refraction: the bending …

Computer Parts and Peripherals Word Scramble Puzzle

Computer Parts and Peripherals

Computers & IT

touchscreen: interact with screen., video card: graphics card., processor: receives input and provides the output., ram: stored information., data: facts and …

G3 Science Word Scramble Puzzle

G3 Science


tropical : near the equator and warm all year round, camouflage : blending in with environment, structure : part of a living thing, soil : substance that covers …

Communication in Different Contexts Word Scramble Puzzle

Communication in Different Contexts


speed : tempo or rate, fallacy : faulty belief, rhetoric : command of language, typology : classification, adequacy : state of being sufficient, audacity : rude …

Sheep Word Scramble Puzzle



ewe : what is an adult female sheep called?, australia : what country has the most sheep?, feet : sheep have scent glands in the eyes and where else?, thousand …

Insurance Vocabulary Word Scramble Puzzle

Insurance Vocabulary


under insured : a term used to describe a situation where your insurance coverage is not sufficient to cover the full amount of your loss or damage., agent : …

Insurance Terminology Word Scramble Puzzle

Insurance Terminology


deductible: what comes out of your own pocket before your insurance starts paying, coinsurance: a percentage of your healthcare bill you will pay that your …

Economic Key Words Word Scramble Puzzle

Economic Key Words


interest: reward for saving cost of saving , specialization: laborer who hones skills with regards to one specific task, markets: a place where goods and …

Insurance Jargon & Terms Word Scramble Puzzle

Insurance Jargon & Terms


deductible : an upfront amount that you will have to pay for healthcare services before your medical insurance begins to pay., claimant : a person making a …

Bonds and Bond Characteristics Word Scramble Puzzle

Bonds and Bond Characteristics


secured : bonds are backed by collateral., unsecured : bonds are not backed by collateral., term : bond issue matures on a single date., serial : bond issue …

Money Verbs and Adjectives Word Scramble Puzzle

Money Verbs and Adjectives


wallet: a small folding case for carrying paper money, credit cards, lend: to give something to someone for a short period of time, expecting it to be given …

Types of Energy & Circuits Word Scramble Puzzle

Types of Energy & Circuits


elastic : objects that are stretched have this stored., gravitational : stored object outside earths surface., transfer : ___________ of energy occurs when …

Rocks and Minerals Unit Word Scramble Puzzle

Rocks and Minerals Unit


igneous: formed through the cooling and solidification of magma or lava., lithosphere: the solid, outer part of the earth, metamorphic: started out as some …

Manners and Etiquette Word Scramble Puzzle

Manners and Etiquette

People & Society

thank you : when you receive something you say?, knock : if a door is closed, you should always ___ before entering., respect : if your parents ask you to do …

Teaching Terminology Word Scramble Puzzle

Teaching Terminology


supportive: we need to create this kind of environment, maslow: this person created the hierarchy of needs , assessment: how do we know knowledge has been …

The Tin Soldier Word Scramble Puzzle

The Tin Soldier


grandfather: who gave tom the soldiers?, soldier: what toy had one leg?, ballerina: who does the tin soldier love?, toys: what does tom like to play with?, …

Plant and Animal Life Cycles Word Scramble Puzzle

Plant and Animal Life Cycles


adult : a fully grown, mature organism, germinate : to begin growing a new plant, petals : part of the flower that attracts birds and bees to the flower., death …

Tax Law Word Scramble Puzzle

Tax Law


sars: what organ of state is within the public administration but as an institution, it is outside public service?, contractual: a form of taxation that …

Ice Age Word Scramble Puzzle

Ice Age

Comics & Animation

woolly mammoth : what species is manny?, diego : what is the name of the sabre-tooth tiger?, acorn : what does scrat the squirrel so desperately want?, iceberg …