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Scientific Revolution Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: scientia : latin word for 'knowledge', spain : this place/country became the center for the translation of arabic texts into latin in the 11th century, truth : the true facts about sth, rather than the things that have been invented or guessed; people can have different interpretations of it, ptolemy : this person was a greek astronomer who wrote the book almagest (the arabic name of the syntaxis), geocentrism : this theory states that earth is at the center, retrograde : this motion is about that planets appear to move backward at times and this was explained with 'epicycles', supernova : a star that suddenly becomes much brighter because it is exploding; it challenges the medieval conception of universe, heliocentrism : a theory proposed by copernicus, stating that the sun is at the center of the cosmos, kepler : this person is tycho's assistant; he's a german astronomer who discovered three major laws of planetary motion, telescope : an instrument used by galileo to observe the sky; built by galileo in 1609; , vatican : the pope or his officials; _ admitted that galileo was right, more than 350 years after the roman catholic church condemned galileo, trent : the catholic church convened the council of _ in 1545 to stop the spread of protestantism and to revive the catholic church, heretic : a _ is someone whose beliefs go against the church's official beliefs, newton : this person demonstrated the mathematical proofs for his universal law of gravitation in his work, the mathematical principles of natural philosophy, alchemy : changing ordinary metals into gold and trying to find a medicine that would cure any disease, superstition : belief in things that are not real or possible, for example, magic or witchcraft, deductive : a type of reasoning emphasized by rene descartes; generalization + specific → conclusion, orrery : mechanical model of the solar system according to the heliocentric theory