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Genetics, Evolution and CNS Word Scramble Puzzle

Genetics, Evolution and CNS

People & Society

neurolemma : a membrane that plays an important role in repairing a damaged neuron, adaptation : any change in the structure or functioning of an organism that …

Greek Theatre Unit #3 Word Scramble Puzzle

Greek Theatre Unit #3

People & Society

hamartia: error or mistaken judgement through which the hero succumbs to misfortune., stasima: songs of the chorus addressing an abstract theme of the play, or …

Behaviours Word Scramble Puzzle


People & Society

identification: beginning to be someone else, humor: refusing to deflect teasing, displacement: a child is angry at its parents but takes it out on siblings, …

Robbery Training Word Scramble Puzzle

Robbery Training

People & Society

staycalm : everyone needs to, panicbutton : everyone presses, evidenceprotector : put on gloves, rope off robbed station, station yourself at scene to protect …

The Queens Jubilee Word Scramble Puzzle

The Queen's Jubilee

People & Society

seven: how many decades does a platinum jubilee celebrate?, bankholiday: there will be an extra _________________ to mark the queens jubilee. , throne: a royal …

Mary Wollstonecraft Word Scramble Puzzle

Mary Wollstonecraft

People & Society

nineteen : left home at _________ to work, feminists : one of the founding ___________ philosophers, virtue : can only flourish amount equals, spitalfields : …

Imperialism and Ethnocentrism Word Scramble Puzzle

Imperialism and Ethnocentrism

People & Society

militarism: the act of a nation increasing its military presence, specifically while demonstrating it to the rest of the world., nationality: a social construct …

French Neoclassicism Word Scramble Puzzle

French Neoclassicism

People & Society

descartes : i think therefore i am, french philosopher, unities : action, time, place , mimesis : aristotle's compact of imitation, verisimilitude : the …

Chekhov Technique Word Scramble Puzzle

Chekhov Technique

People & Society

creative state: a state of invoking your own inspiration, stanislavski: chekhov's original acting instructor, radiating: the energy exchange between characters, …

Audism Word Scramble Puzzle


People & Society

hearing: when a person or animal can hear. , deaf: when a person or animal can not hear. , hearingaids: the technology used to help d/deaf or hoh people hear. , …

Saviour Benjamin O Davis Sr. Word Scramble Puzzle

Saviour Benjamin O Davis Sr.

People & Society

fifty: for how many years was in the army? , washington: where was benjamin o davis born?, elnora: what is his first wife's name?, stamp: how did the u.s. …

Making Speeches Interesting Word Scramble Puzzle

Making Speeches Interesting

People & Society

hands : making gestures, simplequestions : ask them (6,9), drawbig : don't do this small (4,3), usequotes : other people's saying (3,6), surprizeaudience : …

Futuristic Word Scramble Puzzle


People & Society

creative : relating to or involving the imagination or original ideas, inspire : fill (someone) with the urge or ability to do or feel something, vivid : …

Minority Groups Word Scramble Puzzle

Minority Groups

People & Society

target: selected as the aim of an attack, marginalization: treatment of a group, or concept as insignificant, hostile: showing or feeling opposition or dislike; …

Americas Founder: Thomas Gallaudet Word Scramble Puzzle

America's Founder: Thomas Gallaudet

People & Society

sculptor: daniel chester french's profession, alice: young deaf girl's name inspired gallaudet, hat: first written word in the sand, washingtondc: only liberal …

Socialism Word Scramble Puzzle


People & Society

socialist: ____ values - beliefs like society should be classless, robert: _____ owen believed humans show natural goodness in a cooperative environment , …

Power Players Word Scramble Puzzle

Power Players

People & Society

advocacy:support for a particular cause or policy, amendment:a proposal to change text of a pending bill, debate:face-to-face discussion of candidates' views on …

Greeks and Romans Word Scramble Puzzle

Greeks and Romans

People & Society

athens: birthplace of democracy and the head of the delian league , republic: a form of government in which people vote for representatives who make laws, …

Black Canadian Artist Word Scramble Puzzle

Black Canadian Artist

People & Society

vinessa antoine : first black canadian woman to star in an hour-long canadian series., rick fox : canadian-bahamian former basketball player, actor, …

Team Development Stages Word Scramble Puzzle

Team Development Stages

People & Society

storming: teammates start having conflict, forming: john meets his team members for the first time, performing: group 1 works towards finishing their project, …

Debating Matters Word Scramble Puzzle

Debating Matters

People & Society

debate : discussion of a theme or question between two or more interlocutors., motion : issue that is up for debate, caseline : way each team organises their …