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Classical Civilizations Word Scramble Puzzle

Classical Civilizations

People & Society

sumerians: established civilizations in mesopotamia, minoans: established civilizations near the mediterranean sea, kush kingdoms: around 500 bce, these grew in …

Personal Qualities Word Scramble Puzzle

Personal Qualities

People & Society

dishonest : you just can't trust marie., selfish : jack never shares things with other people., patient : jim very rarely gets annoyed with people., loyal : …

We are Connected Word Scramble Puzzle

We are Connected

People & Society

relationship: the way in which two or more people or things are connected, positive: constructive, optimistic, or confident , accept: believe or come to …

African Americans Word Scramble Puzzle

African Americans

People & Society

slavery: african americans struggled in the beginning of their migration to the u.s. they were deprived of physical, psychological, and social well-being unless …

Confederation Word Scramble Puzzle


People & Society

deadlock: political ________ is when the political parties weren't able to decide on anything, lumber: what was new brunswick's most valuable resource?, thomas …

Womens Equality Word Scramble Puzzle

Women's Equality

People & Society

opportunity : most women would like the........... to compete at the olympic games, fifteen million : every year how many girls are forced to get married when …

Literary Criticism Word Scramble Puzzle

Literary Criticism

People & Society

praxis : methodology, dictates that theoretical ideas can be judged to have value only in terms of their concrete applications., patriotism : an ideology that …

Will Smith Word Scramble Puzzle

Will Smith

People & Society

smith: last name, philadelphia: where he lived, mom-mom: what he called his mum, daddio: what he called his dad, rap: what he did when he was younger, harry: …

Teenage Talk Word Scramble Puzzle

Teenage Talk

People & Society

activity: the things you do. your weekend ....., chilling: when you are at home and do nothing, you are ...., shopping: the activity when you buy something …

Facts on Machiavelli Word Scramble Puzzle

Facts on Machiavelli

People & Society

prince : the ideal leader that machiavelli speaks of in his well known work., feared : how machiavelli believed a prince should be viewed, contrary to being …

Social Diversity Word Scramble Puzzle

Social Diversity

People & Society

diversity: the spectrum of individuals representing more than one national origin, color, religion, socioeconomic stratum, sexual orientation, or other …

The Roman Republic and Army Word Scramble Puzzle

The Roman Republic and Army

People & Society

century: group of 100 men, decurion: leader of a group of cavalry men, legionary: individual members of the roman army, legate: commanded a legion, senate: most …

Populations and Evolution Word Scramble Puzzle

Populations and Evolution

People & Society

disruptive : this form of selection favours extreme phenotypes at the expense of intermediate phenotypes , stabilising : this form of selection eliminates …

Sociology Research Word Scramble Puzzle

Sociology Research

People & Society

ethnography: observing a complete social setting and all that it entails , experiment: the testing of a hypothesis under controlled conditions , samples: small …

Prophetic Leadership Word Scramble Puzzle

Prophetic Leadership

People & Society

taqwa : ethical, humility and moral uplift , eloquent : fluent or persuasive in speaking or writing , competence : the ability to be effective, reliable and …

Social Groups Word Scramble Puzzle

Social Groups

People & Society

restricted: bernstein found that lower class students tended to speak in __________ code, labov: looked at accents in department stores in new york, elaborated: …

Slavery & Freedom in North America Word Scramble Puzzle

Slavery & Freedom in North America

People & Society

native americans: the first people used as slaves in the american colonies, jamestown: where the first african slaves in the american colonies arrived in 1619, …

Native American Word Scramble Puzzle

Native American

People & Society

code talkers: during world wars i and ii, native american soldiers used their native languages as a means to transmit coded messages, proving vital for the u.s. …

Love Does Word Scramble Puzzle

Love Does

People & Society

hug: something we do with people we love., friendly: someone who makes a lot of friends., gifts: people who love each other often buy this for one another., …

Changing Womens Roles Word Scramble Puzzle

Changing Women's Roles

People & Society

flapper: the "it girl" of the 1920s, victorian: women strayed from traditional _____________________ clothing, chanel: a person who played a major …

Debate Vocabulary Word Scramble Puzzle

Debate Vocabulary

People & Society

claim : a statement or assertion that is open to challenge and that requires support, data : facts and statistics collected for reference or analysis, …