Finance Crossword Puzzles

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Accounting Word Scramble Puzzle



accounting: a system for recognizing, organizing, analyzing, and reporting information about the financial transactions that affect an organization., horizontal …

Money Vocabulary Word Scramble Puzzle

Money Vocabulary


currency: a system of money used in a particular country, pounds: the unit of currency used in the uk, pence: one hundred of these make a pound, decimal: a …

Financial Management Word Scramble Puzzle

Financial Management


balance:the amount of money in a bank account., budget: to make and follow a plan for spending your money., loan: a thing that is borrowed, especially a sum of …

Tax Returns Word Scramble Puzzle

Tax Returns


income: individual ____________ tax is the federal government’s largest source of income., revenue: internal _______ service is the government agency …

Economic Definitions Word Scramble Puzzle

Economic Definitions


resources: factors of production, scarcity: a situation where there is not enough to satisfy everyone's wants, economic: _________ good - a product that …

Money Unit Financial Literary Terms Word Scramble Puzzle

Money Unit Financial Literary Terms


fixed expense: things that cost about the same amount of money each month , debit card: a card that allows you to buy things directly using funds from your own …

Fundamentals of Insurance Word Scramble Puzzle

Fundamentals of Insurance


payor: the___ is responsible for claims payment., plan: the____ pays the cost of medical care., denials: selecting the correct payor/plan can reduce____., …

Mortgage Word Scramble Puzzle



purchaseagreement : a legally binding contract between a buyer and seller, client : the one by whom a broker is employed, commission : a sum due a real estate …

Insurance Word Scramble Puzzle



health: type of insurance to pay for doctors and hospitals., auto: type of insurance for your car., claim: the process of asking your insurance company to pay …

Insurance Jargon & Terms Word Scramble Puzzle

Insurance Jargon & Terms


deductible : an upfront amount that you will have to pay for healthcare services before your medical insurance begins to pay., claimant : a person making a …

Insurance Terminology Word Scramble Puzzle

Insurance Terminology


deductible: what comes out of your own pocket before your insurance starts paying, coinsurance: a percentage of your healthcare bill you will pay that your …

MicroEconomics Word Scramble Puzzle



monopolistic: ___________ competition : market structure characterized by a large number of buyers and sellers of products that are similar but can be …

Audit Review Word Scramble Puzzle

Audit Review


collateral : we cannot process a change to the account ownership when there is the existence of a ______ loan., history : when preforming a withdrawal audit and …

Money Market & Online Banking Word Scramble Puzzle

Money Market & Online Banking


monthly : how often can you get dividends from a money market?, joint : this owner cannot reset the password to online banking?, check book : you can’t have a …

Insurance Terms Word Scramble Puzzle

Insurance Terms


premium : an amount to be paid for a contract of insurance., insurer : person or company that underwrites an insurance risk., exclusions:provisions in an …

Finance Word Scramble Puzzle



investment : put money into a bank or buy shares to make a profit , debt : money that you owe someone or a business , default : to fail to pay the money that …

Inflation - Key Areas Word Scramble Puzzle

Inflation - Key Areas


demand : a cause of inflation when we want more goods; .........pull inflation , fall : inflation causes the value of money to........ , saving : this becomes …

Earning and Receiving Income Word Scramble Puzzle

Earning and Receiving Income


wages: a fixed regular payment earned for work or services typically paid on a daily or weekly basis., retainer: a fee paid in advance to someone, especially a …

Bonds and Bond Characteristics Word Scramble Puzzle

Bonds and Bond Characteristics


secured : bonds are backed by collateral., unsecured : bonds are not backed by collateral., term : bond issue matures on a single date., serial : bond issue …

Economic Vocabulary for the Great Depression Word Scramble Puzzle

Economic Vocabulary for the Great Depression


depression : a major economic downturn typically characterized by high unemployment, reduction in credit and consumer confidence and bank and business failures, …

Know Your Finances Word Scramble Puzzle

Know Your Finances


mortgage : this when you borrow a large amount of money, usually over a very long period of time, to buy a property or a piece of land., personal loan : you …