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Government and The Macroeconomics Word Scramble Puzzle

Government and The Macroeconomics


deflation: a sustained fall in the prices of goods and services, disinflation: a fall in the rate of inflation, monetary: ______ policy - decisions on the …

Working For a Living Word Scramble Puzzle

Working For a Living


full time work : describes an employee who works 35 hours or more per week, or who works the minimum number of hours stipulated by the industrial award for that …

Stock Market During Pandemic Word Scramble Puzzle

Stock Market During Pandemic


mining and oil : the only sector that produced a positive return on the final quarter of 2020, net income : company's income after deducting all the expenses …

Health Insurance Terms Word Scramble Puzzle

Health Insurance Terms


benefits: the money the insurance company pays the health care provider for medical services to you if you become ill or injured., claim: a request by you for …

Audits Word Scramble Puzzle



branch totals: teller/vault has not performed a transaction we use...., vault documentation: totals for the vault by denomination printed from sym and branch …

Finance Vocabulary Word Scramble Puzzle

Finance Vocabulary


payroll tax : the total tax an employer withholds from an employee's paycheck, deposit : money put into a bank account, sales tax : a tax added to the cost of …

Economics Key Terms Word Scramble Puzzle

Economics Key Terms


structure : market _______ describes the characteristics of the market that affect the ways in which firms compete and also the welfare of consumers in that …

Audit Package Word Scramble Puzzle

Audit Package


index: this paper lists all required work papers for all audits with an *, audit summary: a detailed overview of audit procedures and results, closing letter: …

Financial Terminology Word Scramble Puzzle

Financial Terminology


flotation: listing company shares on the stock market for anyone to buy them (9), internal: another name for organic growth (8), merger: when two businesses of …

PreCalc Word Scramble Puzzle



compound: interest paid not only on the principal, but also on the interest previously earned., radical: the √ symbol that is used to denote square root or …

Insurance Vocabulary Word Scramble Puzzle

Insurance Vocabulary


under insured : a term used to describe a situation where your insurance coverage is not sufficient to cover the full amount of your loss or damage., agent : …

Economic Key Words Word Scramble Puzzle

Economic Key Words


interest: reward for saving cost of saving , specialization: laborer who hones skills with regards to one specific task, markets: a place where goods and …

Money Verbs and Adjectives Word Scramble Puzzle

Money Verbs and Adjectives


wallet: a small folding case for carrying paper money, credit cards, lend: to give something to someone for a short period of time, expecting it to be given …

Tax Law Word Scramble Puzzle

Tax Law


sars: what organ of state is within the public administration but as an institution, it is outside public service?, contractual: a form of taxation that …

Economy Word Scramble Puzzle



arable: a farm that grows crops, economy: the wealth and resources of a country in terms of the goods that are produced and consumed there, employment sectors: …

The Economy of the Ming Dynasty Word Scramble Puzzle

The Economy of the Ming Dynasty


bullion: golden and silver bars used as currency, ming dynasty: ruling dynasty of china from 1368 a.d to 1644 a.d, porcelain: beautiful item which manufacturing …

Acquisition and Expenditure Cycle Word Scramble Puzzle

Acquisition and Expenditure Cycle


inherent risk : ppe is typically judged to be one of the accounts least susceptible to fraud because _____ _____ is considered low., purchasing : ____ activity …