Energy Flow in Ecosystems Crossword Puzzle

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Energy Flow in Ecosystems Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: producer: makes their own food, hydrosphere: all of earth's water in solid, liquid and gas form, photosynthesis: to get energy from sunlight, green plants use a process called _ , lithosphere: earth's solid outer layer, trophiclevel: the level of an organism in an ecosystem depending on its feeding position along its food chain, ecosystem: an area made up of many biotic and abiotic factors, secondary: _ consumer eats primary consumers, sustainable: a _ ecosystem is one that is maintained through natural processes, tertiary: _ consumer is also known as the apex predator, carnivore: eats only meat, herbivore: eats only plants, organism: a living thing, such as an animal or plant, primary: _ consumer only eats primary producers, decomposer: turns dead organisms into chemical nutrients, biosphere: the zone around earth where life can exist, omnivore: eats both plants and meat, consumer: gets energy from eating other organisms