Aquatic Biomes Crossword Puzzle

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Aquatic Biomes Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: littoral zone : the shallow part of a body of water near the shore, flood plain : areas near a river's course that frequently get flooded, salinity : the amount of salt dissolved in water, wetland : areas of land that are flooded at least part of the year, benthic zone : the very bottom of a body of water, aphotic zone : area of an aquatic ecosystem where no sunlight reaches, photic zone : the uppermost layer of an aquatic ecosystem, oxbow lake : u shaped body of water that form the meanders of a river, estuaries : bodies of water, that occur at a river's mouth, that are partly enclosed by land, upwelling : vertical flow of cold, nutrient rich water towards the surface, limnetic zone : the area far from the shore where no rooted plants grow