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Polynomials Word Scramble Puzzle



two :the quadratic equation has degree, dependent : pair of equations having infinitely many solutions(coinciding) are ____., cubic : a ____ polynomial has at …

4th Grade Spelling Word Scramble Puzzle

4th Grade Spelling


plot : the events in a story, slipped : if you fall on the ice , smudge : when writing gets smeared, cash : you use this to buy things, shelf : this is where …

Genetic Engineering Word Scramble Puzzle

Genetic Engineering


gene: information about a trait, ethics: field of study that examines the moral base of human behavior, genetic engineering: deliberate change of …

Maths Word Scramble Puzzle



decimals : adding, subtraction, division, multiplication (focusing on decimals), fractions : part, bidmas : order of operations, reciprocals : find 𝑥 as …

Microbiology Word Scramble Puzzle



carnivore : an organism that only eats meat , glucose : another word for sugar (c6 h12 o6), water : one of the essential elements of photosynthesis (h2o), blood …

Matrix And Determinants Word Scramble Puzzle

Matrix And Determinants


matrix: set of numbers arranged in rows and columns., determinant: scaling factor of a matrix. , square : a matrix which has equal number of rows and columns., …

Subjects at School Word Scramble Puzzle

Subjects at School


english : the language spoken by people who live in great britain, usa, canada, australia and many other countries., mathematics : the study of numbers, …

Mathematics Word Scramble Puzzle



whole: a number that is not a fraction or a negative, mappings: ovals and arrows showing the outputs for each input, integers: whole numbers and their negative …

High School Graduation Word Scramble Puzzle

High School Graduation


commencement : another word for graduation, scholarship : hopefully you get one of these so you don't have to pay too much for college, tassel : when you …

Probability & Sampling Word Scramble Puzzle

Probability & Sampling


stratified: a sampling method that ensures each pre-determined group is represented, zero: a probability must be greater than or equal this value , probability: …

Around the Classroom Word Scramble Puzzle

Around the Classroom


pencil case : this holds all your school supplies., crayons : these make your work bright and colorful., chalkboard: the teacher writes lessons on this., eraser …

Metals, Nonmetals & Metalloids Word Scramble Puzzle

Metals, Nonmetals & Metalloids


ductile: refers to the way most metals can be stretched into wires, luster: refers to the way a metal's surface reflects light, metals: located on the left of …

Geometry Vocabulary Review Word Scramble Puzzle

Geometry Vocabulary Review


decagon : a polygon with 10 sides., quadrilateral : a 4 sided polygon, rhombus : a quadrilateral with 4 congruent sides, isosceles : a _______ triangle is a …

Geometry Terms Word Scramble Puzzle

Geometry Terms


adjacent : two angles in a plane that have a common vertex and a common side but no common interior points., right: a triangle that has a 90 degree angle. , …

Geometry Definitions and Terms Word Scramble Puzzle

Geometry Definitions and Terms


diameter : any chord that evenly divides, right : all angles of this type are congruent, supplement : two angles with a common side and whose other sides form …

Humanities Vocab Words Word Scramble Puzzle

Humanities Vocab Words


aloof: distant, detached, cold , gullible: easy to be misdirected, tricked, or deceived , cynical: believing people act under selfish reasons/motives, …

Summer Science Camp Word Scramble Puzzle

Summer Science Camp


biology: a subject where you learn about animals and plants, scholarship: financial help to pay for school fees, delicate: adjective that refers to things that …

Different Types of Numbers Word Scramble Puzzle

Different Types of Numbers


triangular: number counts objects arranged in an equilateral triangle., square: a number multiplied by itself. , fibonacci: sequence in which each number is the …

Life Cycle of Plants Word Scramble Puzzle

Life Cycle of Plants


germinate: to grow and develop., pistil: female part of the flower, where the egg cells are produced to create seeds., pollination: movement of pollen from the …

Relation and Functions: Graphing Basics Word Scramble Puzzle

Relation and Functions: Graphing Basics


yaxis : the vertical axis on a coordinate plane, xaxis : the horizontal axis on a coordinate plane, coordinate plane : formed by the intersection of two number …

Domains and Kingdoms Word Scramble Puzzle

Domains and Kingdoms


protists : some are unicellular, some are multicellular; some are heterotrophs, some are autotrophs , fungi : all heterotrophs, some are multicellular and some …