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Transportation Engineering Word Scramble Puzzle

Transportation Engineering


highway : steel bars or mesh added to concrete to increase its strength and durability., mortar : a type of material used in construction that is made by mixing …

Volume and Motions Word Scramble Puzzle

Volume and Motions


eraser : tool used to remove mistakes, straight : type of motion where an object moves in a linear line, purple : one of the three secondary colours, ruler : …

Defining Systems Word Scramble Puzzle

Defining Systems


natural : a ___ system involves plants, animals and land forms., engineered : a ____ system that has been created by people., component : the parts of a system …

Learning Aim H Word Scramble Puzzle

Learning Aim H


ratio : this analysis allows for comparison, current : the ratio right now, straightline : this depreciation is consistent (8,4), tradereceivables : money in …

Learning Aim F Word Scramble Puzzle

Learning Aim F


volume : sales in value or... , the balance that ends : closing, loss: areas below break-even, targets : set these using a cash flow, credit : sales not from …

Learning Aim D Word Scramble Puzzle

Learning Aim D


hirepurchase : paying in instalments (4,8), retainedprofit : internal finance kept by the company (8,6), debtfactoring : buying an other company's debts (4,9), …

Geometry TABE Mastery Word Scramble Puzzle

Geometry TABE Mastery


line: a straight one-dimensional figure that has no thickness and extends in both directions, segment: line ______ is a piece or part of a line having two …

Programming Glossary Word Scramble Puzzle

Programming Glossary


variable:a storage location in memory for single piece of data., string:a data type that has a collection of letters, numbers or symbols., integer:a data type …

UNIX Programming Word Scramble Puzzle

UNIX Programming


basename : which command is used for changing filename extensions?, ls : which command is used to list all the directory?, sort : which command is used to …

Geometrical Terms Word Scramble Puzzle

Geometrical Terms


obtuse: a type of angle that is always larger than 90° but less than 180°, angle: the space (usually measured in degrees) between two intersecting lines or …

Words from Latin Word Scramble Puzzle

Words from Latin


album: a book with blank pages for photographs or stamps, catholic: something or someone who belongs to the catholic church, instructor: one who teaches or …

Teaching Terminology Word Scramble Puzzle

Teaching Terminology


supportive: we need to create this kind of environment, maslow: this person created the hierarchy of needs , assessment: how do we know knowledge has been …

G3 Science Word Scramble Puzzle

G3 Science


tropical : near the equator and warm all year round, camouflage : blending in with environment, structure : part of a living thing, soil : substance that covers …

Learning Aim A & B Word Scramble Puzzle

Learning Aim A & B


childhood : the first life stage, inflation : a general rise in prices, convenient : how easy is online banking, bankruptcy : not an ive, but..., store of value …

Attribute Data Management Vocabulary Word Scramble Puzzle

Attribute Data Management Vocabulary


ratio: population density data type, double: 3.141592653589793238462643 number type, attribute: a characteristic of a feature, field: a column in a table, key: …

Components of a Research Proposal Word Scramble Puzzle

Components of a Research Proposal


discussion: a section that interprets and analyses the results of the experiment, abstract: a brief summary of the main findings of the research paper, research …

Maths Ideas and Keywords Word Scramble Puzzle

Maths Ideas and Keywords


ratio : a number that compares quantities normally separated by a colon., subtraction : a calculation to take one number away from another., bidmas : an …

3T Forces - Length, Time and Speed Word Scramble Puzzle

3T Forces - Length, Time and Speed


metre: si unit for length, second: si unit for time, speed: distance moved per unit time, distance: ________________ = speed x time, time: _______________ = …

Algebraic Expression Vocabulary Word Scramble Puzzle

Algebraic Expression Vocabulary


linear : highest degree is 1, trinomial : expression have 3 terms, constant : highest degree is zero, monomial : expressions have 1 term, quintic : highest …

Teaching Methods Word Scramble Puzzle

Teaching Methods


lms: learning management system., desuggestopedia: is used to eliminate the negative feeling in students for them, vle: virtual learning environment., …

Subjects Word Scramble Puzzle



chinese: a group of related languages used by the people of china, history: the study of past events, science: knowledge about or study of the natural world …