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Programming Vocabulary Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: statements : individual complete thoughts, syntax : set of rules which govern the structure and composition of statements, variable : representation of a value (often a letter), assignment : a statement that clarifies the value of the variable, program : a list of instructions, a bit like a recipe, initialize : the act of setting the initial value (starting value) of the variables, conditional : if x is true, then do y, else statement : line of code within a conditional statement if the condition is false (an additional path), while loop : a conditional statement that repeats many times while the condition is true, for loop : a loop statement that only repeats a certain number of times, exponentially : a continuous state of quick growth or decay; when a number is multiplied by itself , functions : a way of compartmentalizing pieces of code (also called subroutines, or methods), abstraction : the power of concealing within a function, the complexity of the code, libraries : bundles of pre-written functions