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Relation and Functions: Graphing Basics Word Scramble Puzzle

Relation and Functions: Graphing Basics


yaxis : the vertical axis on a coordinate plane, xaxis : the horizontal axis on a coordinate plane, coordinate plane : formed by the intersection of two number …

Social Studies: Economics Terminology Word Scramble Puzzle

Social Studies: Economics Terminology


depression : a severe decline in the economy with high unemployment, recession : a period of reduced economic activity with rising unemployment, per capita …

6th Grade Science Word Scramble Puzzle

6th Grade Science


topography: the shape of the land, elevation: the height above sea level, on the earth’s surface, relief: the difference in elevation between the highest and …

Language Features Word Scramble Puzzle

Language Features


verb : a doing word, adjective : a describing word, adverb : describes a verb , onomatopoeia : words which imitate the sound, personification: giving objects …

Synonyms and Antonyms Word Scramble Puzzle

Synonyms and Antonyms


cowardly : antonym for brave, smooth : antonym for rough, depart: synonym for leave, error : synonym for mistake, elderly : synonym for old, lies : antonym for …

Ecology Word Scramble Puzzle



biodiversity : the variety of plant and animal life in the world or in a particular habitat, ecosystem:a biological community of interacting organisms and their …

Study Habits Word Scramble Puzzle

Study Habits


cramming : study little by little ahead of time instead of ______ everything in one day, notetaking : taking notes during class., focus : get rid of …

Types of Engineers Word Scramble Puzzle

Types of Engineers


mechanical: designs power producing machines, biomedical: creates artificial technology for medical uses , petroleum: helps find oil for cars and the country's …

Erosional Features Word Scramble Puzzle

Erosional Features


hard rock : which rock type erodes slower? , fetch : how far a wave has traveled., west wales : where is cardigan bay?, chalk : what rock type is old harry's …

Biblical Studies Word Scramble Puzzle

Biblical Studies


pneumatology: the study of the holy spirit., paterology: the study of god the father., ecclesiology: the study of the church., soteriology: the study of …

Course and Assignment Word Scramble Puzzle

Course and Assignment


internship : a period of time during which someone works for a company in order to get experience, interview : a meeting in which someone asks you questions, …

Pi Day Word Scramble Puzzle

Pi Day


torn curtain: the film directed by alfred hitchcock that uses pi as a code, pilish: the language made of up of pi, irrational: the type of number pi is, thomas …

Around the Classroom Word Scramble Puzzle

Around the Classroom


pencil case : this holds all your school supplies., crayons : these make your work bright and colorful., chalkboard: the teacher writes lessons on this., eraser …

Basic Concept for Statistics Word Scramble Puzzle

Basic Concept for Statistics


descriptive : summarizing and presenting data through measures like mean, median, and mode., inferential : drawing conclusions about populations based on sample …

Homographs Word Scramble Puzzle



ring : small circular jewelry or a trilling sound from a phone, bat : a nocturnal flying animal or a piece of baseball equipment, waves : the movement of water …

Roman Numeral Symbols Word Scramble Puzzle

Roman Numeral Symbols


fifteen : xv, seventeen : xvii, one hundred : c, sixty : lx, twenty : xx, eighteen : xviii, fifty : l, forty : xl, four : iv, nineteen : xix, sixteen : xvi, …

Exponent and Polynomial Vocabulary Word Scramble Puzzle

Exponent and Polynomial Vocabulary


coefficient: the 2 in 2x., bionomial: a polynomial made of exactly two terms, terms: in the word polynomial, poly means many and nomial means ____., trinomial: …

Measurements and Prefixes Word Scramble Puzzle

Measurements and Prefixes


millimeter : one one-thousandth of a meter, volume : the amount of space that an object takes up., temperature : measurement of how hot or cold something is, …

Classroom Management Word Scramble Puzzle

Classroom Management


procedures : how and when tasks are accomplished, student signals : an action or statement that students use, cues : re-direct students/clarify expectations, …

Transportation Engineering Word Scramble Puzzle

Transportation Engineering


highway : steel bars or mesh added to concrete to increase its strength and durability., mortar : a type of material used in construction that is made by mixing …

Arithmetic Operators Word Scramble Puzzle

Arithmetic Operators


functions : blocks of code that can be reused to perform a specific task or operation in a program., interactive : capable of reacting to user input or …