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Business Terminology Word Scramble Puzzle

Business Terminology


business: an organization which sells goods or services for a profit, capital: the money initially invested in a business, company: a form of business which …

Brand Identity Word Scramble Puzzle

Brand Identity


leading: the space between lines of text, kerning: the space between letters, brand identity: the visual elements of a brand that identity it to consumers., …

Quality Control Word Scramble Puzzle

Quality Control


data: facts and statistics collected together for reference or analysis, westgard: qc system that uses a combination of decision criteria, or control rules, to …

Customer Service Week Word Scramble Puzzle

Customer Service Week


snowbirds : customers that put their services on vacation over the summer are called, customer : someone who pays for services, service : work done by one …

Executive Functioning Skills and Behaviours Word Scramble Puzzle

Executive Functioning Skills and Behaviours


planning: the ability to create a roadmap to reach a goal or complete a task. , working memory: the mental memory processes that allow us to hold information in …

Entrepreneurs and Leaders Word Scramble Puzzle

Entrepreneurs and Leaders


objective : the step to an aim. , opportunity cost: when you sacrifice one advantage for another. , sole trader : the starter of a business. , over trading : …

Intellectual Property Word Scramble Puzzle

Intellectual Property


patents: a property right for an investor that's typically granted by a government agency such as the u.s. patent and trademark office, fair use: is a doctrine …

Types of Retailers Word Scramble Puzzle

Types of Retailers


department: has lots of different types of items for sale, supermarket: like sainsburys and morrisons, charity: british heart foundation is an example, …

Business Communication Word Scramble Puzzle

Business Communication


transmitter: the person who wishes to pass on information, verbal: a method of communication which is used when you speak, receiver: the person to whom the …

Plan and Organize Work Word Scramble Puzzle

Plan and Organize Work


time: most important resource , goals: to get your work done. , notes: as your reminder. , organize: how do you and plan your work?, responsibility: if it your …

Understanding the Customer Word Scramble Puzzle

Understanding the Customer


timid : genuine interest, patient and understanding will put the _____ guest at ease., positive : when providing positive customer service, it is important to …

Self Employed Businesses Word Scramble Puzzle

Self Employed Businesses


enterprise : a business that serves to make a profit and has a social objective , nonprofit : reds in the community is an example of this , business : a …

Creative Thinking and Problem Solving Word Scramble Puzzle

Creative Thinking and Problem Solving


sustainable : to run a business in such a way that it can exist for a long time, delphi : receive information from experts, problem : the purchasing manager …

Product Development Word Scramble Puzzle

Product Development


revenue model : structure that states and explains the revenue earning strategy , product dev : all stages involved in bringing a product from concept to …

Marketing Project Word Scramble Puzzle

Marketing Project


marketing : the process of getting your products to your customers, breakeven : this is where you revenue equals your cost., price : the value given for …

Warehousing and Storage Word Scramble Puzzle

Warehousing and Storage


employee : someone who is paid to work, ppe : personal protective equipment, hse : health and safety executive, procedure : a way of doing something, first aid …

Management & Leadership Word Scramble Puzzle

Management & Leadership


empowerment : empowering individuals with the authority and confidence to act, executives: high-ranking individuals responsible for strategic decisions, team …

Entrepreneurs Word Scramble Puzzle



henry ford : full name of man who created the model t builder, walt : first name of the man who created disney, edison : he invented the phonograph, oprah : …

Labor Word Scramble Puzzle



cohort: a group of workers who were born in the same year, safelite: auto industry firm that added piece-rate performance pay in 1994, monopsonist: a single …

Trade and Development Word Scramble Puzzle

Trade and Development


advantages : is what a country is good at producing, or its ability to produce a product efficiently , development : is economic growth or an increase in living …

Macroeconomic Concepts Word Scramble Puzzle

Macroeconomic Concepts


supply: what type of aggregate is the supply of all goods and services in the country, recession: what type of business cycle which gdp falls for at least 2 …