Business & Industrial Crossword Puzzles

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Long Term Production Decisions Word Scramble Puzzle

Long Term Production Decisions


location : where the business should be situated, layout : what the factory looks like inside, mass : a continuous production system, jobbing : a unique …

Understanding Business Recap Word Scramble Puzzle

Understanding Business Recap


secondary : this sector is also known as the manufacturing sector, primary : this sector of industry is involved with extracting raw materials from the earths …

Industrial Technology Word Scramble Puzzle

Industrial Technology


oil : this helped with the petroleum refining industry., technology : is the collection of techniques, skills, methods, and processes used in the production of …

Resource Management Word Scramble Puzzle

Resource Management


supply chain: from raw materials to retail., optimum : should be this capacity not maximum, lead time: waiting for delivery, erp : software for operations., …

VIVID WORDS: SELL Word Scramble Puzzle



push: to sell illegal drugs​., hawk: to try to sell things by going from place to place asking people to buy them.​, peddle: to try to sell goods by going …

Markets Word Scramble Puzzle



entry : competitive markets have low barriers to....., oligopoly : market with 4-5 main firms dominating, patent : large powerful firms stop others using their …

Product Segregation Procedures Word Scramble Puzzle

Product Segregation Procedures


re classed: non-segregated rejects and rejects from the segregated portion are not to be ____ together, clearance: an in-process segregation _____ will be …

AIC - Marking Criteria Word Scramble Puzzle

AIC - Marking Criteria


quotations: using exact references from the text., analysis: a detailed examination of text., interpretation: your own explanation of the text., methods: …

Materials Management Vocabulary Word Scramble Puzzle

Materials Management Vocabulary


requisition : request for supplies or goods, inventory : stock on hand, expense : directly charge a department for their supply, par supply : sticker items, …

Agribusiness Management Word Scramble Puzzle

Agribusiness Management


organization: this type of structure is system used to define a hierarchy within an organization; it identifies each job, its function and where it reports to …

Business Operations Word Scramble Puzzle

Business Operations


critical path method: a project-management tool that illustrates the relationships among all the activities involved in completing a project and identifies the …

Effective Presentations Word Scramble Puzzle

Effective Presentations


eighteen: suggested size of font, mannerisms: ways of moving and speaking which you do repeatedly without realizing, blackboard: a large board with a smooth …

Advertisements Word Scramble Puzzle



desire: adverisers usually play on the consumers emotion by creating a ____________ for the product., targetmarket: the group people the product is aimed at/, …

Persuasion for buying Word Scramble Puzzle

Persuasion for buying


mislead: cause someone to have a wrong idea or impression about someone or something., paradox: a seemingly absurd or self-contradictory statement or …

Window Construction Terminology Word Scramble Puzzle

Window Construction Terminology


fixedlight : windows with a fixed frame that cannot be opened , casementsash : glazed sash that can be opened and is attached to a frame, frame : outer part of …

Business Writing Skills Word Scramble Puzzle

Business Writing Skills


point: first sentence of any written response, means: second sentence of any written response, result: third sentence of any written response, however: only …

Business Organizations Word Scramble Puzzle

Business Organizations


agreement : partners should write a partnership ______________________ to decide how responsibilities as well as profits/losses will be divided, franchise : …