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Business Terms Word Scramble Puzzle

Business Terms


product: a tangible item produced to meet a need or want (7), consumer: the end user of a product (8), sole trader: a business run by one person (4, 5), …

Business and Economics Word Scramble Puzzle

Business and Economics


producer : someone who makes or grows something to sell, goods : objects made or grown, economy: a system of trading, buying and selling goods and services, …

Globalisation Word Scramble Puzzle



fairtrade: organisation that aims to help farmers be paid fairly , host: term used for the country where the headquarters of a tnc is normally based, lower: in …

Grade 9 Business Studies Word Scramble Puzzle

Grade 9 Business Studies


mixed economy : an economy in which the resources are owned and controlled by both the private and the public sector., specialisation : when a person or …

Data Communications Word Scramble Puzzle

Data Communications


modem: stands for modulator-demodulator, transmit: to send from one device to another, data communication : a process in which two or more computers or …

Customers Word Scramble Puzzle



satisfied: we work hard to make sure you are _________ with our product. , customers: we always do our best to take care of our _________. , suppliers: we have …

Business in the Real World Word Scramble Puzzle

Business in the Real World


profit : difference between a business's revenue and its total costs, good : a physical product e.g. a car, sole trader : someone who sets up in business on …

Smartphone : A Global Product Word Scramble Puzzle

Smartphone : A Global Product


assemble : to put things together, fabrication : the act of building something, packaging : what is around an object, hardware : the physical components, …

Factors of Production Word Scramble Puzzle

Factors of Production


interest : income earned by owners of capital, capital : all man-made goods used in production, land : all natural resources in production, profit : the …

Business Key Terms Word Scramble Puzzle

Business Key Terms


takeover : when one business grows by buying another business , liability : limited ________ risk is limited to the amount invested in the business, share …

Marketing Campaign Terminology Word Scramble Puzzle

Marketing Campaign Terminology


advertising : paying to promote products or services to an audience they think may have an interest in purchasing from them, direct marketing : targeting …

Business Word Scramble Puzzle



income : how much you make, expenditure : how much you spend, profit : the difference between money made and spent, ceo : the leader of a business, quantity : …

Principle of Business Word Scramble Puzzle

Principle of Business


wholesalers: intermediaries who help move goods between producers and retailers by buying goods from producers and selling them to retailers, retailers: a …

Risk Assessment and Strategies Word Scramble Puzzle

Risk Assessment and Strategies


assumption : accepting the consequences of risk. risk _____________, transfer : passing risk to another party. risk________________, reduction : finding ways to …

Celebrate World Quality Month Word Scramble Puzzle

Celebrate World Quality Month


coq: cost of quality, values: fundamental beliefs that drive organizational behavior and decision making, benchmark: comparison to best-in-class products and …

Roof Construction Terminology Word Scramble Puzzle

Roof Construction Terminology


eaves: the lowest overhanging part of a sloping roof., gable: the triangular part of the end wall of the building with a slopping roof., verge: the edge of a …

Safety & Risk Management Word Scramble Puzzle

Safety & Risk Management


circuit overload: when you use more electricity than your circuit is made for, overhead power lines: used in electric power transmission and distribution to …

Documents Word Scramble Puzzle



notebook: it has plain paper. you use it for writing or drawing, diary: you write your plans so you don't forget, magazine: you buy it every month. it has …

Small Business Insurance Word Scramble Puzzle

Small Business Insurance


liability: most common form of insurance, workers: ____________ compensation - covers when an employee gets hurt on the job, ceo: risk of the corporation is …

Fair Trade Word Scramble Puzzle

Fair Trade


difference : choosing to buy fair trade items makes a big ____________ to farmers, growing: framers earn money by ________________ food and produce to sell, …

Patterns of Organization Word Scramble Puzzle

Patterns of Organization


solution: a method or process to deal with a problem, spatial: organizing information according to location or geography, chronological: a progression of time, …