Animals Crossword Puzzles

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Invertebrates Word Scramble Puzzle



An invertebrate is a cold-blooded animal with no backbone. Invertebrates can live on land—like insects, spiders, and worms—or in water.

Deer Word Scramble Puzzle



fawn: a baby deer is called a _____., different: deer reproductive cycle is ____ in different parts of the country. , newborn: deer give birth when conditions …

The Animals and Birds Word Scramble Puzzle

The Animals and Birds


hippopotamus: you call them in a short form and that short form removes half of its letters., parrot: it's voice is very loud, but most of you would be glad to …

Working Animals Word Scramble Puzzle

Working Animals


horse: used for riding and racing, helpful: to give service or assistance, animal: a living thing that can move and eat, camel: a large, long-necked mammal with …

Animals of India Word Scramble Puzzle

Animals of India


dhole: they've been known to take on tigers, bengal tiger: the largest of the big cats, and the apex predator of india, peacock: beautiful bird with sharp …

Swine Production Word Scramble Puzzle

Swine Production


sow: a mature female hog, farrow: to give birth, boar: a male pig used for breeding, hog: domesticated pig, barrow: a castrated male pig, duroc: this type of …

Arctic Animals Word Scramble Puzzle

Arctic Animals


blubber: the layer of tissue under a polar bear's skin., burrows: what do arctic hares dig?, pups: what are baby seals called?, antlers: name the horns attached …

Animal Farm Word Scramble Puzzle

Animal Farm


orwell: the author of the text, bad: 'four legs good, two legs ........', foxwood: another farm mentioned in the story, harvest: what the animals have to do …

Animal Bodies Word Scramble Puzzle

Animal Bodies


fur: a panda has black and white _________., trunk: elephants have a long __________. they use it to blow water., tail: a cat's _________ helps it to balance., …

Honey Bees - 2 Word Scramble Puzzle

Honey Bees - 2


jarrah: the most expensive honey comes from this wa honey, races: the different types of honeybees are known as, association: most states have one of these, …

Predator Word Scramble Puzzle



exoskeleton: a skeleton that is on the outside of an animals body., prey: an animal that is hunted for food., species: a group of plants and animals that are …

Italys Native Animals Word Scramble Puzzle

Italy's Native Animals


alpine marmot : a large squirrel like animal, gray wolf : largest member of the dog family, hedgehog : a small, brown and round animal, common vole : a tiny …

Horse Breeds Word Scramble Puzzle

Horse Breeds


irish draught : the national horse breed of ireland which developed primarily for farm use., mustang : the descendants of iberian or spanish horses that were …

Under the Sea Word Scramble Puzzle

Under the Sea


crab : a sea creature with a hard shell, eight legs and two pincers (= curved and pointed arms for catching and holding things)., dolphin : a sea animal (a …

Cat Breeds Word Scramble Puzzle

Cat Breeds


siamese : sleek fur, long & muscular body, color points -> face and paws, sphynx : known as the hairless cat, scottish fold : folded down ears and large …

Elephants Word Scramble Puzzle



seventy: an elephant can live for up to ________ years, ears: you can tell the species of elephant by looking at their _______?, ivory: what an elephants tusk …

Name that Animal Word Scramble Puzzle

Name that Animal


turtle : i am a slow-moving green animal with a hard shell, unicorn : i am a mythical, flying animal with a body like a horse and a single horn on the forehead, …

Animals Word Scramble Puzzle



snake : dangerous animal with no legs. , elephant : large grey animal with big ears., parrot : a bird that can talk., horse : you can ride this animal., frog : …