Animals Crossword Puzzles

A collection of animals crossword puzzles. Choose from the list for pre-made puzzles or add your own words to customize and download.

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Whale Vocabulary Word Scramble Puzzle

Whale Vocabulary


pod : what we call groups of whales or dolphins traveling together, beluga : a white whale, fluke: the end of a whale's tail, which is used for power and …

Prairie Dog Facts Word Scramble Puzzle

Prairie Dog Facts


tunnels: these paths are 4-5 inches wide, predators: coyotes, snakes, foxes, eagles, badgers, bobcats, hawks, weasels, south: 50% of prairie dogs live in …

Honey Bees - 1 Word Scramble Puzzle

Honey Bees - 1


mite: varroa is a type of , ear: not a nice place to be stung, notes: a good beekeeper will take lots of these, swarm: bees do this to reproduce, alleles: the …

Giant Manta Ray Word Scramble Puzzle

Giant Manta Ray


killer whale: this is one of the animals that can kill a giant manta ray., zooplankton: plankton consisting of small animals and the immature stages of larger …

Koala Word Scramble Puzzle



caecum: organ which breaks down fibers, herbivore: diet classification, complex: type of digestive system?, joey: what is a baby koala called?, two: how many …

Spains Native Animals Word Scramble Puzzle

Spain's Native Animals


iberian lynx : a cheetah/cat like animal, iberian pig : a black version of a pig, common genet : a cat like animal with a very long tail, brown bear : a brown …

Animal Groupings Word Scramble Puzzle

Animal Groupings


band : a group of gorillas, embarrassment : a group of pandas, tower : a group of giraffes, murder : a group of crows, pack : a group of wolves, pit : a group …

Bug Hunt Word Scramble Puzzle

Bug Hunt


ladybird: it's small. it's red and black. , snail: it has a shell., bee: it's yellow and black., wings: bugs use them to fly., roots: they take water from the …

Crocodiles Word Scramble Puzzle



freshwater: a species of crocodile?, reptile: crocodiles are what family group?, predators: crocodiles are apex _________?, brackish: type of water they live …

Horse Colors and Attributes Word Scramble Puzzle

Horse Colors and Attributes


palomino: yellow like color. always has white mane and tail, sorrel: basic orange/rust type color, bay: brown, with black mane and tail, black: like the night …

Bugs Word Scramble Puzzle



insects : 6-legged bugs with 3 body parts, fly : has 4,000 thousand lenses in each eye, worm : eats soil and everything else, butterfly : eats pollen and drinks …

Rabbit Definitions Word Scramble Puzzle

Rabbit Definitions


agouti :a hair shaft possessing three or more bands of color with a definite break in color bands., buck: an unaltered male rabbit., condition: the overall …

Tiger Snake Horror Word Scramble Puzzle

Tiger Snake Horror


venom: poison, stowaway: passenger who has not paid a fare, severe: base word for "severity", collapse: fall down suddenly, slither: snake motion, …

Sheep Word Scramble Puzzle



ewe : what is an adult female sheep called?, australia : what country has the most sheep?, feet : sheep have scent glands in the eyes and where else?, thousand …

About Fish Word Scramble Puzzle

About Fish


operculum: bony structure that covers the gills of a fish, peduncle: a part of the fish's tails that aids in swimming, nares: a fish's nostrils, ichthyology: …

Felines Word Scramble Puzzle



leopard : love to rest up in trees, round spots., snow leopard : lives in the cold mountains of asia, round spots., tiger : largest member of the cat family, …

Snow Leopard Word Scramble Puzzle

Snow Leopard


ounce : the snow leopard is also called the _____, asia : snow leopards live all across mountains in the continent ____, spots : snow leopards are characterized …

Animal Digestion Word Scramble Puzzle

Animal Digestion


poly gastric : are animals with a multi compartment stomach, mastication : is also known as chewing, ileum : absorbs bile salts and products not absorbed by the …

The Donkey Word Scramble Puzzle

The Donkey


ancestor: the wild __________ of the donkey is african wild ass., expensive: having a donkey was like having an __________ car., shoulders: their ____________ …

Alaska Wildlife Word Scramble Puzzle

Alaska Wildlife


fur : this helps keep terrestrial mammals warm on land, omnivore : organism that eats plants and meat, blubber : layer of this helps keep marine mammals warm in …

Bear Smart Word Scramble Puzzle

Bear Smart


torpor: winter survival strategy, berries: important fall food, garbage: common bear attractant, sow: term for female bear, paddington: famous bear from darkest …