Animals Crossword Puzzles

A collection of animals crossword puzzles. Choose from the list for pre-made puzzles or add your own words to customize and download.

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Turtle Word Scramble Puzzle



green : name of turtle species named after a color, hawksbill : name of turtle species with a bird species in its name , bycatch : turtles also face accidental …

Beneficial Insects Word Scramble Puzzle

Beneficial Insects


predator: a beneficial insect that kills pest species, pollinator: a beneficial insect that helps crops and flowers grow, recycler: a beneficial insect that …

Bats Word Scramble Puzzle



pup: a baby bat is called a _______, food: when bat fly out at night they are looking for _____, nocturnal: bats are active at night and are called ______, …

Goats Word Scramble Puzzle



caprine : refers to animals in the goat family, kid : a young goat, wether : a castrated male goat, doe : (aka. nanny) a female goat, buck : (aka. billy) a …

Jumping Spiders Word Scramble Puzzle

Jumping Spiders


spiderlings: baby jumping spiders are called _____________., antarctica: to visit a continent with no jumping spiders, you would need to visit ____________., …

Livestock Terms Word Scramble Puzzle

Livestock Terms


buck : a male sheep or goat, veal : meat from young cattle, steer : cattle used for food production, open : refers to a non-pregnant female, castrate : to …

Animal Nutrition Word Scramble Puzzle

Animal Nutrition


protein : found in meat, legumes and seeds, needed for growth and repair, ash : minerals are often referred to by this name on pet food., vitamins : needed for …

Animal Reproduction Word Scramble Puzzle

Animal Reproduction


embryo: is the early stage of development of a multicellular organism. , mesoderm: the middle layer of the three germ layers that develop during gastrulation, …

Sheep and Sheep Breeds Word Scramble Puzzle

Sheep and Sheep Breeds


ewe : what is an adult female sheep called?, four : how many stomachs does a sheep have?, shearing : wool is usually harvested from the sheep using what …

Rabbits Word Scramble Puzzle



dutch: small rabbit breed, hutches: houses used to keep rabbits, large: can be supported on one arm, mastitis: inflammation of the mammary tissue​, ringworm: …

Predation Word Scramble Puzzle



inter: _____ specific is the competition between organisms of different species, community: all the populations of different species living and interacting in a …

Big Cats Word Scramble Puzzle

Big Cats


cougar : another name for a mountain lion, puma : shares a name with a popular apparel brand, bobcat : a small wild cat found in the us, lion : lives in a group …

Birds and Animals Word Scramble Puzzle

Birds and Animals


ostrich : largest living bird on earth, birds : darwin finches refers to a group of, whale : the largest mammal, syrinx : voice box in birds, dolphin : fish …

Animal Establishments Word Scramble Puzzle

Animal Establishments


endothermic : animals that can internally generate heat to maintain body temperature, union : the u in iucn red list, ex situ : zoos, captive breeding programs, …

Groups of Invertebrates Word Scramble Puzzle

Groups of Invertebrates


crustaceans : their body is divided in cephalothorax and abdomen and they have five or more pair of legs, annelids : worms with segmented body, porifera : their …

Lectures about Animals Word Scramble Puzzle

Lectures about Animals


zoology : the scientific study of animals, mammal:any animal of which the female gives birth to a baby not eggs and feeds her young on milk from her own body. , …

Ocean Habitat Word Scramble Puzzle

Ocean Habitat


ocean : large body of water, seaweed : edible marine plants , turtle : hard shell reptile, cold : water temp at the bottom, shark : scary fish with teeth, fish …

Jungle & Sea Animals Word Scramble Puzzle

Jungle & Sea Animals


hammerhead: immune to stingray barbs and swim sideways, howler monkey: is considered the loudest animal in the world, leatherbacks: the largest sea turtle, …

Camel Word Scramble Puzzle



desert: a dry, sandy area where camels are often found., hump: a large, fleshy lump on a camel's back., cactus: a spiky plant that camels sometimes eat in the …

Animal Groups & Breeds Word Scramble Puzzle

Animal Groups & Breeds


insect : dragonfly, ants, beetles, dog : golden retriever, bulldog, poodle, reptile : turtle, snake, lizards, fish : salmon, trout, tuna, bear : black, polar, …

Animal Sounds Word Scramble Puzzle

Animal Sounds


turkey: gobble gobble, crow: kaow kaow, bee: buzz buzz, dog: woof woof, hen: cock-a-doodle-do, mouse: squeak squeak, pig: oink oink, duck: quack quack, horse: …