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Predators Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: species: a group of plants and animals that are alike and can breed together, prey: an animal that is hunted for food, carnivore: an animal that only eats meat. , terrestrial: an animal that lives on the dry land, raptors: another name for birds of prey, like hawks and eagles, lynx: illegal to hunt or trap in wa, looks similar to a bobcat, herbivore: an animal that only eats plants, cougar: a very controversial predator in wa that is currently legal to hunt, wolf: a very controversial predator in wa that is currently illegal to hunt, foothold: a type of spring-loaded trap that is illegal to use in wa. , omnivore: an animal that eats plants and animals, ungulates: the name of the group of animals that are preyed on by large predators in wa; includes deer and elk, apex predator: a predator that is not preyed upon, predator: an animal that hunts, kills and eats other animals, mammal: a warm- blooded animal with a backbone and gives birth to live young, bobcat: this predator is commonly trapped in wa, and its fur sold overseas