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Cold War Key Words Word Scramble Puzzle

Cold War Key Words


superpower : a country that has influence and power, hiroshima : the first city in japan where the atomic bomb was used, manhattan project : the project to …

Erosion / Mass Wasting / Weathering Word Scramble Puzzle

Erosion / Mass Wasting / Weathering


rock slide: sudden movement giant rocks, landslide: sudden movement of rock, mudslide: sudden movement of rock and water, mass wasting: mass movement of rock, …

Geo Terms: Channel - Dike Word Scramble Puzzle

Geo Terms: Channel - Dike


coast: the edge or margin of the land next to the sea; the seashore. , dell: a small vale with woods. , creek: a small inlet; a recess in the shore of the sea …

Asian Imperialism Word Scramble Puzzle

Asian Imperialism


dutch : they were the most prosperous nation in the 17th century due to their control of indonesia, lin : the commissioner tasked with ridding china of its …

Southern Colonies Word Scramble Puzzle

Southern Colonies


lord baltimore: who founded maryland?, england: who got the most profit when they traded?, carolina: what state became two separate colonies?, oglethorpe: who …

Architect Word Scramble Puzzle



Crossword puzzle based on questions and clues for architecture industry and the jobs or duties of an architect.

Memory: Remembrance of Past and Present Word Scramble Puzzle

Memory: Remembrance of Past and Present


episodic : memories which relate to specific life experiences, implicit : memories about which people are not consciously aware, such as how to ride a bike, …

Medieval Towns Word Scramble Puzzle

Medieval Towns


charter : towns could purchase this to gain independence from feudal lord, moat : what medieval towns were surrounded by to protect them, market : a place where …

Eleanor Roosevelt Word Scramble Puzzle

Eleanor Roosevelt


tuskegee airman: eleanor roosevelt supported what airmen, democratic: what political party was she in, vermail room: where is her painting located, civil …

The Role of the Pharaoh Word Scramble Puzzle

The Role of the Pharaoh


prosperity : the state of being successful, wealthy, or flourishing, sovereign : the supreme ruler or monarch, policies : rules or principles adopted by an …

Restructuring the Postwar World Word Scramble Puzzle

Restructuring the Postwar World


united nations : international organization that was intended to protect the members against aggression., mao zedong : the communist had a stronghold in north …

Empires of South Asia Word Scramble Puzzle

Empires of South Asia


gupta : empire that started in ganges river valley around a.d. 320, akbar : greatest mughal emperor , tolerance : mughal attitude toward other religions, …

Hows the weather? Word Scramble Puzzle

How's the weather?


foggy: i can’t see the boat., cloudy: oh no!, look at the sky! i hope it doesn’t rain!, rainy: this thunder is so loud! it’s probably showering cats and …

Malian Empire Word Scramble Puzzle

Malian Empire


mecca: where did mansa musa go on pilgrimage to?, mansa: what title did the malian empire give to its kings?, west: what part of africa was the malian empire …

Harrying of the North Word Scramble Puzzle

Harrying of the North


yorkshire : 80% of the land is still uninhabited 20 years later, salt : william instructs his soldiers to add this to the land, edgar : the prince who started …

CLOSURE: Polygon Vocabulary Word Scramble Puzzle

CLOSURE: Polygon Vocabulary


quadrilateral: polygon with 4 sides, triangle: polygon with 3 sides, hexagon: polygon with 6 sides, regular: describes a perfect polygon- both equiangular and …

Prehistoric Medicine Word Scramble Puzzle

Prehistoric Medicine


swnw : an ancient egyptian doctor, anatomy : the study of the structure of the body, canopic jars : where the removed organs would be placed, medicine man : a …

After The 1800s Word Scramble Puzzle

After The 1800's


lincoln: president who won 1860 election, british: who first owned 13 colonies, loyalists: people who were loyal to the british crown, clay: who presented the …

Social Studies: Economics Terminology Word Scramble Puzzle

Social Studies: Economics Terminology


depression : a severe decline in the economy with high unemployment, recession : a period of reduced economic activity with rising unemployment, per capita …

16th Century Word Scramble Puzzle

16th Century


mercenary : a soldier hired to fight in exchange of a monthly wage., cape : a garment worn over clothes to protect one's self from the cold or rain., leonardo …

The Great San Francisco Earthquake Word Scramble Puzzle

The Great San Francisco Earthquake


4years : how long did it take to rebuild san francisco?, slip : a ____ of the san andreas fault line., los angeles : how far was it felt to the south?, april18 …