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Signs and Symptoms of Anaphylaxis Word Scramble Puzzle

Signs and Symptoms of Anaphylaxis

Health & Fitness

anaphylaxis: a severe life-threatening allergic reaction, epi-pen: emergency allergy medication in an auto injector, fainting: another word for becoming …

Superfudge Word Scramble Puzzle


Books & Literature

contagious: easily spread by direct or indirect contact, absentminded: lost in thought and to forget what one is doing, lather: a thick foam formed by soap and …

Columbus Day Word Scramble Puzzle

Columbus Day


nina: name of one of his ships, voyage: go on a long journey typically by sea, isabella: queen that sponsored columbus, native americans: who discovered america …

Surgical Site Infections Word Scramble Puzzle

Surgical Site Infections

Health & Fitness

thirty one : hospital-acquired infections affect 1 in every__________ hospitalized patients, antibiotic: prophylactic, education: information the patient/family …

Pharmacy - Acronyms & Abbreviations Word Scramble Puzzle

Pharmacy - Acronyms & Abbreviations

Health & Fitness

alberta : the a in rxa, prescription : rx, exceptional: the e in stedt, certification : the c in ptcb, drug : the d in di (hint: pharmacy provincial program), …

Phishing Word Scramble Puzzle


Computers & IT

articles : where to find additional information on the different types of (phishing), call for help : sense danger?, logos : familiar ___ are often faked by …

Organic Chemistry Intro Word Scramble Puzzle

Organic Chemistry Intro


alkane : chain of singly bonded carbon atoms and hydrogen atoms, unsaturated : an carbon chain with double bonded carbons, alcohol : a carbon molecule with a …

Biomolecules 101 Word Scramble Puzzle

Biomolecules 101


carbohydrates : a bio-molecule made of simple sugars(help build cell walls), nuts : contains proteins sources, chonp : carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, …

Trip Around the Philippines Word Scramble Puzzle

Trip Around the Philippines

Cities & Places

bohol: land of chocolate hills, nature's sweet tooth masterpiece., mayon: perfect cone volcano, nature's most fashionable landmark., ifugao: banaue rice …

Cytogenetics Word Scramble Puzzle



stereomicroscope : nicknamed as the “dissecting scope”, this type of microscope is used to view the exterior details of a three dimensional specimen, turner …

Theories Word Scramble Puzzle



maslow: theorist that created the hierarchy of needs, piaget: a theorist that includes the idea of schemas, behaviourism: a theory of learning which states all …

St. Jerome Word Scramble Puzzle

St. Jerome

People & Society

cuba: before coming to florida, the sisters of st. philip neri came from here, st philip neri: the order of nuns who first taught at st. jerome, september: the …

Population Ecology Word Scramble Puzzle

Population Ecology

People & Society

k strategist species : strong competitors in crowded but stable niches, and invest more heavily in fewer offspring, each of which has a relatively high …

Equity and Social Justice Word Scramble Puzzle

Equity and Social Justice

Law & Government

equality : the state of being equal, especially in status, rights, and opportunities., society : the community of people living in a particular country or …

Urban Geography Word Scramble Puzzle

Urban Geography


wch : transportation is important/inner city, rtum : leaving a large area into a better one, factory/industry : cafes, car park areas, centralization : …

Regions in Asia Word Scramble Puzzle

Regions in Asia


asia : biggest continent in the world, central asia : comprises one-third of the continent of asia., ulaanbaatar : capital city of mongolia, east asia : a …

Chemical Elements Word Scramble Puzzle

Chemical Elements


silver : a shiny white metal often used in jewelry and currency., lead : a heavy metal with the chemical symbol pb, used in batteries and as a shield against …

Quantitative Chemistry Word Scramble Puzzle

Quantitative Chemistry


mole : an amount equal to 6.02 x 10^42, ram : the weighted average mass of an atom of an element, mr : the abbreviation for molar mass, concentration : …

The Bodys Defense Word Scramble Puzzle

The Body's Defense

Health & Fitness

fungi: __________________ are microscopic organism that can cause itchy rashes like chickenpox and the flu., good: __________ bacteria help your body., viruses: …

Non Mendelian Genetics Word Scramble Puzzle

Non Mendelian Genetics


frequency : number of occurrences of a periodic or recurrent process, pleiotropy : production by a single gene of two or more apparently unrelated effects, …

German Months! Word Scramble Puzzle

German Months!


januar : er ist der erste monat des jahres, juni : das ist der sechste monat des jahres, juli : in diesem monat fangen die sommerferien an., februar : in diesem …