World War II Crossword Puzzle

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World War II Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: axispowers: italy and germany and japan, benito mussolini: the fascist dictator of italy, kristallnacht: violent riots by mobs of germans who were encouraged by the nazis to target jewish people and businesses, adolf hitler: the leader of the nazi party, autarky: a command economy which prohibits free trade and promotes self-reliance through domestic production, nanjing: the location of a massacre of chinese civilians by the japanese military, fascism: an authoritarian form of government that places the nation-state above individual or human rights, nationalism: an emotional sense of identity, pride, and belonging with one's own ethno-linguistic group, ethiopia: invaded by italy in 1935, nuremburg: laws to create a separate, discriminatory legal status for germany's jews, manchurian: the incident of bombing of a japanese railroad in shenyeng by the japanese military in order to justify japan's planned invasion of manchuria