Nelson Mandela Crossword Puzzle

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Nelson Mandela Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: strength: mandela was a signal of _ and loyalty to his people, nelson: the teacher at his cristian school gave him the name of?, black: mandela was elected as the first _ president, by the people, civil rights: mandela was a _ activist, and world leader, autobiography: in prison mandela secretly wrote an?, law: mandela went to college to study what subject?, equal: mandela was extremely instrumental in helping all races achieve _ , and fair treatment, prison: nelson was arrested and sent to?, school: mandela was the first one in his family to attend _ , protesting: he believed in peaceful, u0026 non-violent _ , national: mandela joined a group called the "african _ congress youth league, nobel: in 1993 mandela was awarded a _ peace prize, south africa: where was mandela from?, nine: how old (yrs) was mandela when his father died?, jobs: mandela worked bard to improve _ , housing, and basic health care for all south africans, vote: mandela wanted to provide south africans with the right to _ , july: mandela day is on the 18th of what month?, cattle boy: mandela was a _ , and tended to the animals, release: in 1990 a deal was worked out for mandela's _ , peace: mandela day is a day to promote global _ , and to celebrate african leader's legacy.