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Respiratory System Word Scramble Puzzle

Respiratory System

Health & Fitness

trachea: the air passage that connects the nose and the mouth to the lungs. , cilia: short hairs that line the nasal cavity., mucus: a slimy liquid that coasts …

Injury & Muscle Word Scramble Puzzle

Injury & Muscle

Health & Fitness

cardiac: heart muscle , involuntary: muscle type found in digestive system, skeletal: muscles that move our bones. , dislocation: injury that occurs when a bone …

Energy, Diet, Nutrition & Hydration Word Scramble Puzzle

Energy, Diet, Nutrition & Hydration

Health & Fitness

macronutrients : foods required in large amounts in our diet , carbohydrates : responsible for energy at high intensity activities , fats : found in butter, …

Human Body and Physical Activity Word Scramble Puzzle

Human Body and Physical Activity

Health & Fitness

carbon dioxide : waste substance released by the organs in exchange for oxygen, glucose : nutrient, source of energy for the organs, capillary : small blood …

Womens Health Word Scramble Puzzle

Women's Health

Health & Fitness

license : permission to do something, career : followed as someones lifework, bacterial vaginosis : it is a disease that is most common in women of childbearing …

Dental Cements Word Scramble Puzzle

Dental Cements

Health & Fitness

eugenol: inhibits adhesion and cannot be used with composite materials, microleakage: adhesion helps prevent this, base: helps to replace missing dentin and …

Organs Involved in Digestion Word Scramble Puzzle

Organs Involved in Digestion

Health & Fitness

mouth: food enters through the _______; first step of digestion, pharynx: muscular tube that moves food into the esophagus, esophagus: muscular tube that runs …

Immunity Word Scramble Puzzle


Health & Fitness

phagocyte: a type of white blood cell that engulfs microorganisms and digests them., inflammation: a group of responses to a tissue irritant marked by signs of …

Anticoagulation Review Word Scramble Puzzle

Anticoagulation Review

Health & Fitness

coumadin : a vitamin k antagonist, xarelto : a common direct acting oral anticoagulant, doac : abbreviation for oral medication which can impact factor xa, …

Massage Therapy Word Scramble Puzzle

Massage Therapy

Health & Fitness

calisthenics: gymnast exercise, tuina: to press and lift/squeeze, petrissage: kneading, huangdi: important figure in chinese history, shiatsu: popular japanese …

Yellow Dust / Healthy Eating / Green Cities Word Scramble Puzzle

Yellow Dust / Healthy Eating / Green Cities

Health & Fitness

demand : something that must be done or given, footprint : the effect humans have on the environment ; environmental _______, grain : the seed of plants (such …

Structure and Function of Macronutrients Word Scramble Puzzle

Structure and Function of Macronutrients

Health & Fitness

nitrogen : this element is found in protein, but not carbohydrate or fat, testosterone : male hormone, makes your voice deepen and your muscles get stronger, …

Neurologic Diseases Word Scramble Puzzle

Neurologic Diseases

Health & Fitness

respiratory : many neurological degenerative diseases are slow progressing but can end in _______ depression., nerve damage : signs and symptoms of ms vary …

Protein Review Word Scramble Puzzle

Protein Review

Health & Fitness

nitrogen : this element is found in protein, but not carbohydrate or fat, amino acids : the building blocks of protein, stomach : the organ where most protein …

Muscle Movement Word Scramble Puzzle

Muscle Movement

Health & Fitness

hinge : the knee is a type of which joint, abdominal : muscle found across the stomach, triceps : muscle found in the back of the arm, contracts : term used for …

Making an Appointment Word Scramble Puzzle

Making an Appointment

Health & Fitness

recurring: if a patient needs frequent appointments ordered by the doctor, what type of appointment would this be?, full: the schedule scanner allows you to …

Daily Hygiene Back to Basics Word Scramble Puzzle

Daily Hygiene Back to Basics

Health & Fitness

bedtime : perform oral hygiene at least twice a day in the morning, at ____ and prn., hospital : basins/washcloths for bathing are not recommended because …

The Black Death: Symptoms, Causes and Cures Word Scramble Puzzle

The Black Death: Symptoms, Causes and 'Cures'

Health & Fitness

plague : what was the black death?, four humours : a theory which argued that people in good health had a balance of these, miasma : a theory that the plague …

Vaccination Issues Word Scramble Puzzle

Vaccination Issues

Health & Fitness

physical : 3 factors influencing vaccination hesitancy are deciding background factors, psychological factors and factors, norm : one method …

EMS Pharmacology Paramedic Word Scramble Puzzle

EMS Pharmacology Paramedic

Health & Fitness

etomidate: short acting hypnotic that produces rapid sedation with minimal cardiovascular or respiratory depression, diphenhydramine: contraindications include …

Muscles and Muscle Contraction Word Scramble Puzzle

Muscles and Muscle Contraction

Health & Fitness

myosin : thick filament protein, sarcoplasmic : ___________ reticulum stores calcium, tendon : connects muscle to bone, cross bridge : formed between myosin …