The Respiratory System Crossword Puzzle

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The Respiratory System Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: gaseous exchange: _ is when two gases move in opposite directions, anaerobic: during what type of exercise would lactic acid build up?, intercostal muscles: during exhaling the _ relaxes, aerobic: exercise that uses oxygen to produce energy, fats: energy is produced from _ during aerobic exercise, oxygen: a function of respiratory system is that the body can produce energy aerobically by bringing in _ ?, muscles: respiration is the release of energy from glucose in the _ ?, alveoli: co2 moves from the capillary to the., diffusion: _ is when molecules move from an area of low concentration to high concentration in an attempt to reach balance, capillary: o2 moves from alveoli to the., diaphragm: when you inhale the _ contracts, then flattens and pulls down, trachea: what is another name for the windpipe?, carbon dioxide: a function of respiratory system is that the body can remove waste such as, _ that has been produced during exercise, exhaling: a mechanism of breathing where the lung size decreases, inhaling: a mechanism of breathing where the pressure inside the lungs decreases, bronchi: air leaves the trachea and passes through the _ ?