Rock Cycle Crossword Puzzle

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Rock Cycle Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: rock cycle:rocks change from one type to another in a never-ending cycle, igneous rock:rocks that form when magma cools, sedimentary rock:forms from pieces of rocks that are squeezed or cemented together. , metamorphic rock: when one rock changes into another rock with different properties due to great heat and pressure. , sediment: small, solid pieces of material that come from rocks or living things , magma: molten rock beneath the planet's surface, lava: molten rock that reaches a planet's surface through a volcano or other opening in the crust , weathering: the chemical and physical processes that break down rock at earth's surface. , erosion: processes by which rock, sand, and soil are broken down and carried away, cementing: water and dissolved minerals move into spaces between sediments and glue it all together, cooling: the process of becoming less hot, melting: change of a solid into a liquid when heat is applied. , fossil: this is the remains or impression of an ancient organism. these are only found in sedimentary rock, compaction: pressure pushes down on layers of sediments and they stick together to make rock, intrusive: igneous rock that forms when magma is trapped below the surface and cools slowly. this allows it to form large crystals and gives it a rough texture. , extrusive:igneous rock that forms when magma reaches the surface and cools rapidly. there is not enough time for large crystals to form, so it often has a smooth texture. , foliated: metamorphic rocks where the mineral grains flatten and line up in parallel layers to form a banded texture