Nitrogen Cycle Crossword Puzzle

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Nitrogen Cycle Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: decomposition : the state or process of rotting; decay, nitrifying : the conversion of ammonium to nitrate, nitrogen : makes up 78 percent of the gases in the atmosphere and a chemical element atomic number is 7 and symbol is n, decomposers : they are essential to the nitrogen cycle; breakdown wastes, such as urine, dung, leaves, and other decaying plants and animals, bacteria : some of the nitrogen that cycles from the atmosphere and living this is released to the soil with the help of, nitrates : other bacteria convert ammonia into; plants can use, ammonia : nitrogen-fixing bacteria in soil and roots of nodules produce, ammonium : a gas with chemical formula nh4, legumes : nodules that live on the roots of plants, atmosphere : the layers of gases that surround the earth; the air, fixation : nitrogen _ , bacteria : organisms in the soil involved in every step of the nitrogen cycle.