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Math Words Word Scramble Puzzle

Math Words


positive : inverse of negative, substitute : to replace, distribute : to share, equal : equivalent means, variable : an unknown letter, division : inverse of …

Literary Criticism Word Scramble Puzzle

Literary Criticism

People & Society

praxis : methodology, dictates that theoretical ideas can be judged to have value only in terms of their concrete applications., patriotism : an ideology that …

Energy Through Waves Word Scramble Puzzle

Energy Through Waves


vibration: how is energy transferred in a wave?, extended: light bands in a parallel wave., parallel: the direction of vibration of this type of wave (left and …

Civics and Citizenship Word Scramble Puzzle

Civics and Citizenship

Law & Government

citizens: people who live in, and belong to, a place, monarchy: a type of government where one family has the power, constitution: the rules and values by which …

Endocrine System Disorder Word Scramble Puzzle

Endocrine System Disorder

Health & Fitness

goiter : a swelling in the neck resulting from an enlarged thyroid gland, gigantism : a condition characterized by excessive growth and height significantly …

Police Powers Word Scramble Puzzle

Police Powers

Law & Government

information : a legal document that states the charge(s) against the accused and begins all criminal proceedings , interim : ______ release of an accused from …

Cellular Energy Word Scramble Puzzle

Cellular Energy


anabolism : the set of metabolic pathways that construct molecules from smaller units., respiration : cellular ________ - catabolic pathway in which organic …

Genesis 18-23 Word Scramble Puzzle

Genesis 18-23

Religion & Belief

barren: sarah was ________; she had no child. genesis 11;30, ishmael: abraham son with sarah's maid. genesis 16;16, sarah: who is the mother of nations? genesis …

Elements of Art & Principles of Design Word Scramble Puzzle

Elements of Art & Principles of Design

Arts & Crafts

color: another word for hue. this is a hue that is produced when light reflects off of an object., value: how light or dark a color is., texture: the way …

Tropical Storms Word Scramble Puzzle

Tropical Storms


true: low lying coastal areas are more at risk of tropical storms, true or false?, soft: type of engineering where mangroves are planted at the coast to limit …

Nebula Word Scramble Puzzle



oberon : the second largest moon of uranus; the king of the fairies in shakespeare's ' a midsummer night's dream' (6), red shift : an effect which provides …

Job / Pay Types Word Scramble Puzzle

Job / Pay Types


full time : employee works 40+ hours a week, part time : employee works 30 or less hours a week, entrepreneur : person is a self made business owner, contract : …

Cardiovascular Assessment Word Scramble Puzzle

Cardiovascular Assessment

Health & Fitness

apical: the pulse located in the 5th intercoastal space, aortic: first point of auscultation, pulmonic: second point of auscultation, erbs point: third point of …

Introduction to Farming Word Scramble Puzzle

Introduction to Farming

Agriculture & Farm

arable : the growing of crops, pastoral : the rearing of animals, extensive : these farms have few inputs on a large area of land., intensive : these farms have …

Ocean Habitat Word Scramble Puzzle

Ocean Habitat


ocean : large body of water, seaweed : edible marine plants , turtle : hard shell reptile, cold : water temp at the bottom, shark : scary fish with teeth, fish …

Peoples Personality Word Scramble Puzzle

People's Personality

People & Society

polite: someone who has good manners and says please and thank you., hard working: someone who does a lot of work and puts effort into it., considerate: someone …

Magnets Word Scramble Puzzle



metal: a magnetic material like iron or steel. , alloys: a name for metals made from 2 or more metals., poles: names for the end of magnets., force: a pull or a …

Energy and Enzymes Word Scramble Puzzle

Energy and Enzymes


product: the end of the metabolic reaction, kinetic: the energy of motion is called ______ energy, reactant: starts the metabolic reaction, potential: the …

Hair Design Word Scramble Puzzle

Hair Design

Beauty & Fashion

wax : what styling product do men typically use?, shampoo : what do you wash your hair with?, hairspray : what product helps hold your hair in place?, barber : …

Britpop Word Scramble Puzzle


Music, Movies, TV

grunge: a style of music from the usa that britpop was a reaction to, thebeatles : a 1960's rock band that inspired the music of britpop, thesmiths : a 1980's …

Adjectives for Jobs Word Scramble Puzzle

Adjectives for Jobs


demanding: requires a lot of effort, well paid: a lot of money per hour, badly paid: not much money per hour, temporary: just for a while, no contract, …