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Series & Parallel Connections Word Scramble Puzzle

Series & Parallel Connections


electrolyte : the solution that acts upon the electrodes is best know as, series connection : the negative electrode of a cell is connected to the positive …

Forms of Energy Word Scramble Puzzle

Forms of Energy


thermal: energy that can be transferred as heat, light: energy that enables us to see, chemical: energy that can be converted into other forms, elastic: energy …

The Detectives Word Scramble Puzzle

The Detectives

People & Society

crime: the police sat before the __________ scene., detective: the people who investigate a crime or theft., code: the detectives make these _____ words., gun: …

Mystery Thriller Word Scramble Puzzle

Mystery Thriller

Books & Literature

spy: someone whose job is to find out secret information about another country, organization, or group; synonym secret agent, victim: someone who has been …

Animals Word Scramble Puzzle



snake : dangerous animal with no legs. , elephant : large grey animal with big ears., parrot : a bird that can talk., horse : you can ride this animal., frog : …

Halloween Word Scramble Puzzle



cat: main pet of witches, pumpkin: pie is made from ________, blood: vampires love to drink this, werewolf: scary animal that can change into a person?, witch: …

Civics and Citizenship Word Scramble Puzzle

Civics and Citizenship

Law & Government

citizens: people who live in, and belong to, a place, monarchy: a type of government where one family has the power, constitution: the rules and values by which …

Courtroom Word Scramble Puzzle


Law & Government

defendant: person who has been accused of a crime and is on trial , testimony: evidence provided by a witness , counsel: an attorney or lawyer , verdict: the …

Mother Nature Word Scramble Puzzle

Mother Nature


deforestation: the cutting down of trees in a large area or the destruction of forests by people, organic: food that doesn't use artificial chemicals in the …

Properties of Light Word Scramble Puzzle

Properties of Light


electricity:form of energy resulting from the existence of charged particles (such as electrons or protons), reflection:angle at which a ray of light is …

Chicago Trivia Word Scramble Puzzle

Chicago Trivia

Cities & Places

third : chicago's ranking on the list of u.s. largest cities by population., windy city : popular nickname for chicago., four : number of stars on chicago's …

Alabama State Symbols Word Scramble Puzzle

Alabama State Symbols

Cities & Places

gemstone: star blue quartz, insect: monarch butterfly, tree fruit: peach, bird: yellowhammer, coat of arms: displays alabama's motto and two bald eagles, soil: …

Mexico Trivia Word Scramble Puzzle

Mexico Trivia

Cities & Places

eagle : what is the national animal of mexico?, thirty four : how many unesco world heritage sites does mexico have?, pyramid : mexico is home to the world's …

Visiting London Word Scramble Puzzle

Visiting London

Cities & Places

pub : a place where children can only go with adults. you can drink, eat and watch sports matches there., gallery : you can find lots of art there., ferris : …

Irish Geography Word Scramble Puzzle

Irish Geography


ulster : northern province, partially owned by n. ireland, shannon : longest river in ireland, neagh : largest lake in ireland, lough ..., dublin : capital of …

Braking System Word Scramble Puzzle

Braking System


brake fluid : has hygroscopic properties, discs : rotational part that the pads come in contact with, shoes : used in drum brakes, servo : increases braking …

Classic Television Shows Word Scramble Puzzle

Classic Television Shows

Music, Movies, TV

cosby: the bill _____ show, fortune: wheel of _______, company: three's _______, different: _________ strokes, deal: let's make a ____, incredible: the …

Agriculture Word Scramble Puzzle


Agriculture & Farm

agronomist: an expert in the science of soil management and crop production, viticulture: the cultivation of grapes, oenology: the study of wines, horticulture: …

Finish the Lyrics Word Scramble Puzzle

Finish the Lyrics

Music, Movies, TV

show: so show me, i’ll _____ you, born: i’m a______singer , idol: you can call me artist ; you can call me _____, love: i’m the one i should ____ in this …

Movies and TV Shows Word Scramble Puzzle

Movies and TV Shows

Music, Movies, TV

blackpanther: "wakanda forever", legallyblonde: "what? like its hard?", topgun: "i feel the need, the need for speed" , thegrinch: …

Travel Items Word Scramble Puzzle

Travel Items


map: a picture that shows where countries, towns, roads, notebook: a book with empty pages that you can write in, souvenirs: something that you buy or keep to …