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Tooth Care Word Scramble Puzzle

Tooth Care

Health & Fitness

cementum : a specialized calcified substance, malocclusion : the abnormal alignment of the upper and lower teeth, orthodontist : a dentist who is qualified to …

Neuro Assessment Word Scramble Puzzle

Neuro Assessment

Health & Fitness

temporal: wernicke's area is located here and allows you to understand language, anisocoria: unequal pupils, meninges: protective layer covering the brain and …

Understanding Loss and Greif Word Scramble Puzzle

Understanding Loss and Greif

Health & Fitness

elisabeth: first name, depression : fourth stage, cultural : specc need, informal support : friends and family, divorce: type of loss, formal support: gp and …

Gaseous Exchange Word Scramble Puzzle

Gaseous Exchange

Health & Fitness

pharynx: air passes into this from the nasal cavity/ the throat., bronchioles: smaller air tubes from the bronchi that branch off deeper in to the lungs., …

Nutrients and Digestion Word Scramble Puzzle

Nutrients and Digestion

Health & Fitness

lipids: provide a long-term energy source and insulation, crop: storage pouch for food in birds, chemical: the type of digestion that involves enzymes and …

Brain and Neuropsychology Word Scramble Puzzle

Brain and Neuropsychology

Health & Fitness

ans: system which operates involuntarily , cns: made up of the brain and spinal cord, homeostasis: process which the body maintains a constant and balanced …

Physiological Addictions Word Scramble Puzzle

Physiological Addictions

Health & Fitness

withdrawal : people continue smoking or consuming alcohol to avoid these symptoms, reinforcement : positive and negative ___ allows for the initiation and …

Making Bones Healthy Word Scramble Puzzle

Making Bones Healthy

Health & Fitness

phosphorus: if this is too high, calcium leaves your bones, convenience: this type of high phosphorus food comes in a box, itchy: your skin becomes ____ if your …

Sense Organ (Eye and Ear) Word Scramble Puzzle

Sense Organ (Eye and Ear)

Health & Fitness

pupil: a hole surrounded by the iris, light pass through here, ear drum: a thin disc, transmit the air vibration to the ear bones, ear flap: the part seen …

Operation / Day Stay Word Scramble Puzzle

Operation / Day Stay

Health & Fitness

bracelet: a form of identification, chart: a collection of medical information, anesthesia: puts you to sleep for surgery, recovery: where you wake up after …

Antibiotics Word Scramble Puzzle


Health & Fitness

aminopenicillin: extended spectrum penicillins which also cover some gram negative organisms, clindamycin: a kind of macrolide that can result in …

Macro / Micronutrients Word Scramble Puzzle

Macro / Micronutrients

Health & Fitness

nitrogen : chlorosis, cobalt : overall growth, nickel : aids nitrogen fixation , potassium : important for overall growth, copper : seed strength , manganese : …

Antibiotic Awareness Week 2022 Word Scramble Puzzle

Antibiotic Awareness Week 2022

Health & Fitness

impossible: antibiotic-resistant infections can be difficult, and sometimes _____, to treat. , duration: using the shortest effective _____ of antibiotic …

Endocrine & Hematologic Word Scramble Puzzle

Endocrine & Hematologic

Health & Fitness

dka : form of hyperglycemia in uncontrolled diabetes in which certain acids accumulate when insulin is not available., endocrine : ___________ glands that …

What bone am I? Word Scramble Puzzle

What bone am I?

Health & Fitness

sternum: i am in between the ribs and sometimes referred to as the breastbone, ribs: there are many of me and i offer protection to some of the major organs, …

Moderate / Deep Sedation Word Scramble Puzzle

Moderate / Deep Sedation

Health & Fitness

narcan: reversal agent used for fentanyl, timeout: what is to be completed in the procedural room prior to any medication being administered?, thirty: minimum …

The Breathing System Word Scramble Puzzle

The Breathing System

Health & Fitness

inhale: breath in, exhale: breath out, nose: air is inhaled through this., trachea: carries air to and from the lungs, bronchus: carries air between the trachea …

The German Revolution 1918/1919 Word Scramble Puzzle

The German 'Revolution' 1918/1919


groener: general _______ struck a deal with ebert in november 1918, communists: this group hated democracy and the empire, commisars: the caretaker government …

Health: Eye and Ear Word Scramble Puzzle

Health: Eye and Ear

Health & Fitness

cornea: protective transparent portion at the front of the eye, rod: cell in retina that helps us see in near darkness, but only allow us to see in shades of …

Conflict & Tension: Road to War (1933-1939) Word Scramble Puzzle

Conflict & Tension: Road to War (1933-1939)


berchtesgaden: where did chamberlain meet hitler on 15th september 1938?, mussolini: who was the leader of italy during the 1930s?, living space: what was …

Henry VIIIs Reformation Word Scramble Puzzle

Henry VIII's Reformation


oath : all priests and government ministers had to swear this to henry to show they suppprted his reformation, more : thomas ____ the king's friend, executed …