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The Lenten Season Word Scramble Puzzle

The Lenten Season

People & Society

prayer: fasting and ….. constitute lent’s primary spiritual exercises., forty: the lent season celebrates the ___ days before easter., time: not only the …

Seasons and Weather Word Scramble Puzzle

Seasons and Weather


season: which _______ do you like best? i like spring best., beach: i love to go to the _______ in summer, and swim in the sea., usually: i _______ go to the …

Detective Words Word Scramble Puzzle

Detective Words


footprints : the more you take the more you leave behind., witness : a person who has seen a crime is called this, whorl : i am a type of fingerprint, glove : …

Black Death Word Scramble Puzzle

Black Death

Health & Fitness

plague : what was the black death? , yersinia pestis : scientific name of the black death (two words), lymph glands : a symptom of the black death, often …

Plants Word Scramble Puzzle


Agriculture & Farm

chlorophyll: the green cells in a leaf where food is made, plant: a living organism that makes its own food, root: part of a plant that absorbs water and …

Places in Town Word Scramble Puzzle

Places in Town

Cities & Places

cinema : for watching movies, museum : holds exhibitions and artifacts, university : for further education when you finish school, temple : a place for worship …

High School Graduation Word Scramble Puzzle

High School Graduation


commencement : another word for graduation, scholarship : hopefully you get one of these so you don't have to pay too much for college, tassel : when you …

Industrial Technology Word Scramble Puzzle

Industrial Technology


oil : this helped with the petroleum refining industry., technology : is the collection of techniques, skills, methods, and processes used in the production of …

Samson Word Scramble Puzzle


People & Society

elizabeth: john the baptist's mother (luke 1:5), ruth: book of the bible that mentions boaz, thirty one: the number of proverbs, delilah: the woman who betrayed …

Camping Word Scramble Puzzle


Travel & Tourism

sleeping bag : something you sleep in while outdoor camping, mountains : the most common ranges are the rockies and the smokies, paddle : a piece of equipment …

Minecraft Word Scramble Puzzle



cow: defeat to obtain leather, wolf: tame to attack skeletons, spider: defeat to obtain string, pickaxe: used to mine stone, zombie: defeat to obtain rotten …

The Stone Ages and Early Cultures Word Scramble Puzzle

The Stone Ages and Early Cultures


prehistory: a time before there was writing, ancestor: relative who lived in the past, hominid: an early ancestor of humans, tool: any handheld object that has …

Clouds Word Scramble Puzzle



cirro: in cloud language, what is the word for ‘high’? , airplane: a contrail is the straight man-made cloud an _____ makes. , cumulus: what are those …

Forklift Safety Word Scramble Puzzle

Forklift Safety

Safety & Prevention

pre inspection: a ___ __________ must be done before operating any equipment., four: safe distance from a forklift is ____ feet., seatbelt: forklifts equipped …

Africa Word Scramble Puzzle



mediterranean: sea north of africa , nile: longest river, rift valley: rip in east africa (4,6), nigeria: most populous country, sahara: largest desert , atlas: …

Poetry Terms Word Scramble Puzzle

Poetry Terms

Books & Literature

metaphor:a comparison that does not use like or as., hyperbole:the greatest exaggeration in the history of literature. , imagery:words that appeal to the …

Agriculture Word Scramble Puzzle


Agriculture & Farm

agronomist: an expert in the science of soil management and crop production, viticulture: the cultivation of grapes, oenology: the study of wines, horticulture: …

The Power of Money Word Scramble Puzzle

The Power of Money


interest: the payment for the use of money, deposit: putting money in a bank, principal: the original amount of money invested , interest rate: the percentage …

Principle of Business Word Scramble Puzzle

Principle of Business


wholesalers: intermediaries who help move goods between producers and retailers by buying goods from producers and selling them to retailers, retailers: a …

Components of Fitness Word Scramble Puzzle

Components of Fitness

Health & Fitness

cardio endurance : your body's ability to deliver oxygen to working muscles during exercise., agility : the ability to quickly change directions without losing …

7th/8th Grade Vocabulary Word Scramble Puzzle

7th/8th Grade Vocabulary


cherished: loved, vegetation: plant growth, vocational: training for special skill, azalea: rhododendron flower, composure: steadiness of mind under stress, …