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Maintaining Healthy Relationships Word Scramble Puzzle

Maintaining Healthy Relationships

People & Society

dating : regularly spending time with someone whom a person is interested in romantically, immediate family : close relatives, parents, children or siblings, …

Integrity Word Scramble Puzzle


People & Society

power: strength , embezzle: to steal money from your employer , honesty: trustfulness , collusion: a secret agreement between parties, in the public and/or …

Trumpet of the Swan Word Scramble Puzzle

Trumpet of the Swan

Books & Literature

ebwhite: the author who wrote the story of louis and serena the swans, louis: the trumpeter swan who couldn't say beep, sambeaver: louis's lifelong friend who …

The Heart Word Scramble Puzzle

The Heart

Health & Fitness

cardiac : what muscle in the heart made out of?, pulmonary artery : what leads to the lungs?, aorta : where does the oxygenated blood leave the heart?, …

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Word Scramble Puzzle

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Music, Movies, TV

chocolate : what can charlie smell on his way to school?, gum : what does violet always chew? , bucket : charlies last name , five : how many golden tickets …

Its Summertime! Word Scramble Puzzle

It's Summertime!


mango : a sweet fruit with peel that can be red, orange, or green, school : something you might do to graduate sooner, ice cream : a sweet frozen dessert made …

Characteristics of Living Things Word Scramble Puzzle

Characteristics of Living Things


cells: all living things are made of _____, grow: increasing the size and number of cells is to ____, nutrients: having ________, breaking them down and using …

Exploring Careers Word Scramble Puzzle

Exploring Careers


stem: science, technology, engineering, math, steam: science, technology, engineering, art, math, interview: first stage in getting a job, occupation: the type …

Daily Hygiene Promotes Healing Word Scramble Puzzle

Daily Hygiene Promotes Healing

Health & Fitness

bedtime : oral hygiene should be completed twice a day-- in the morning, at ____, and prn., hospital : basins/washcloths are not recommended because they …

Diabetes Word Scramble Puzzle


Health & Fitness

glucose: a simple sugar which is an important energy source in living organisms and is component of many carbohydrates., gestational: condition in which women …

Sugar Word Scramble Puzzle


Health & Fitness

brain : the _____ prefers to use glucose for energy, reward : sugar can activate the brain's _____ system, substitutes : sugar _____ taste sweet but contain no …

Hinduism Word Scramble Puzzle


Religion & Belief

india: the country with the largest hindu population, nepal: the country with the highest percentage hindu population, vedas: the religion's holy books, …

Hygiene - Personal & General Cleanliness Word Scramble Puzzle

Hygiene - Personal & General Cleanliness

Health & Fitness

covered: open wounds should be ....., jewellery: bacteria can get trapped in this, cross contamination: wearing protective clothing prevents this, bacteria: the …

Food-Borne Illness Word Scramble Puzzle

Food-Borne Illness

Health & Fitness

seniors : one of the populations most at risk for food-borne illnesses?, sponge : a “dirty” item used to "clean"?, bacteria : this is the cause …

Food Safety Week Word Scramble Puzzle

Food Safety Week

Health & Fitness

jewellery : this is limited to only a plain banded ring, mould : if dishes are put away damp this can grow, useby : date that indicates the expiry of product, …

SENSE ORGANS Word Scramble Puzzle


Health & Fitness

eye: which is the organ we use for our sense of sight?, ear: which is the organ we use for our sense of hearing?, tongue: which is the organ we use for our …

Being Healthy Word Scramble Puzzle

Being Healthy

Health & Fitness

protein : nutrients that build and fix muscles and other body parts, lungs : inflatable organs in your chest which take in and breathe out air, vitamins : …

Benefits of Water Word Scramble Puzzle

Benefits of Water

Health & Fitness

saliva: helps form ________ and mucus, dehydration: when you don't drink enough water, blood: maintains __________ pressure, skin: boosts ___________ health, …

Under the Sea Word Scramble Puzzle

Under the Sea


crab : a sea creature with a hard shell, eight legs and two pincers (= curved and pointed arms for catching and holding things)., dolphin : a sea animal (a …

Big Cats Word Scramble Puzzle

Big Cats


cougar : another name for a mountain lion, puma : shares a name with a popular apparel brand, bobcat : a small wild cat found in the us, lion : lives in a group …

Persuasive Devices Word Scramble Puzzle

Persuasive Devices

Books & Literature

opinions: ideas based on beliefs or personal experiences, rhetorical: questions which have an obvious answer, or designed to provoke reflection, anecdote: a …