Jobs Crossword Puzzles

A collection of jobs crossword puzzles. Choose from the list for pre-made puzzles or add your own words to customize and download.

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Jobs is Science Word Scramble Puzzle

Jobs is Science


electrical engineer: don’t get your wires crossed. , chemical engineer: crude oil is my bread and butter. , forensic scientist: we found evident of a great …

California Dream Jobs Word Scramble Puzzle

California Dream Jobs


ranger: person working in a national park, intern: english for "stagiaire", hollywood: centre for american cinema, yosemite: californian national …

Occupations Word Scramble Puzzle



plumber : one who installs and repairs plumbing., hairdresser : a person who arranges or cuts hair., businessman : a man employed in business., doorman : a …

Adjectives for Jobs Word Scramble Puzzle

Adjectives for Jobs


demanding: requires a lot of effort, well paid: a lot of money per hour, badly paid: not much money per hour, temporary: just for a while, no contract, …

Jobs and Places of Work Word Scramble Puzzle

Jobs and Places of Work


businessman : he works in an office, farmer : he works on a farm, hairdresser : she works in a salon, waiter : he works in a restaurant, baker : he works in a …

Working Life Word Scramble Puzzle

Working Life


full time : 35 hours a week in france, to lay off : to fire someone, temping : working temporarily, perks : advantages or extra things that you are given …

Unemployment Word Scramble Puzzle



count : how unemployment is measured; claimant …………, unemployed : formula; ………..……./labour force x 100 = unemployment rate , employed : the …

Professional Behavior Word Scramble Puzzle

Professional Behavior


profession hood : leadership, respect, and trust, commitment : sense of belonging and emotional obligation, job : complete task for income, work ethics : …

Work Design Word Scramble Puzzle

Work Design


chrp: certified human resources professional, qwl: quality work life, job analysis: exercise to determine the type of knowledge, skills and abilities a person …

Exploring Careers Word Scramble Puzzle

Exploring Careers


stem: science, technology, engineering, math, steam: science, technology, engineering, art, math, interview: first stage in getting a job, occupation: the type …

Badges of Office Word Scramble Puzzle

Badges of Office


warder: dove within a star, sentiel: crossed swords within a star, recording secretary: crossed pens within a star, worthy patron: square and compasses within a …

Supervision Competency Word Scramble Puzzle

Supervision Competency


spread : educators should be _ _ _ _ _ _ throughout a bus during excursions., planning : doing this will minimise risk and improve supervision., engage : …