Energy Sources Crossword Puzzle

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Energy Sources Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: combustion : the process of burning something, sound : energy travels through an object causing vibrations and waves of an object. radio is an example, nuclear : this energy is released from the nucleus, the core of the atoms, made up of protons and neutrons. produced through fusion, thermal : energy contained within a system for its temperature. baking in an oven is an example. , fossil fuel : a substance that provides a form of energy as a result of chemical change. oil, coal are examples, light : electromagnetic radiation waves of energy that is visible to the human eye. lightbulbs are an example, sun : the ultimate source of energy for the whole earth, work : when an object is caused to move at a certain distance, potential : stored energy that results from the position or shape of an object, joules : the si unit of work energy, electrical power : this happens when electrons flow or travel through a wire. car batteries are an example of this type. , gravitational : a type of potential energy that is related to an objects height. vehicle parked on top of a hill. , law of concentration : this type energy states no energy is destroyed in the process, chemical : energy stored in the bonds of chemical compound. natural gas is an example, elastic : a type of potential energy of an object that can be stretched or compressed. a rubber band is an example, electromagnetic : radiant energy that travels in waves at the speed of light. microwaves are examples. , mechanical : this energy is an object combined with kinetic and potential energy. a wind turbine is an example. , heat : energy most known by movement of the atom or molecule. burning wood is an example, kinetic : a type of energy an object has due to its motion, energy : the ability to do work or cause change