Heating and Cooling Crossword Puzzle

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Heating and Cooling Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: conduction: heat energy is transferred from particle to particle through vibrations (shaking), thermometer: the equipment used to measure temperature, density: is the amount of mass in a volume, reflect: bounce off, emit: give out, absorb: take in, radiation: is a transfer of energy in a wave, temperature: the average energy in an object, measured in degrees celsius ( o c), heat: the total energy of the particles in an object, measured in joules (j), conductor: a material that transfers heat from one area to another very easily, transfer: pass on, efficiency: how much of the total energy is transferred into useful energy stores, joules: the unit for energy, symbol is j, convection: particles when heated spread out and rise. then they cool, move closer and fall again, insulator: a material that does not allow heat to transfer though it easily