Ceramics Vocabulary Review Crossword Puzzle

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Ceramics Vocabulary Review Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: burnishing: a process of producing a polished, shiny surface by rubbing a smooth stone over the surface of pots or bowls, carving: removing the top layer of a clay piece using a tool to create a recessed area, ceramics: clay products that have been fired for permanence, clay: finely textured mineral substance that is pliable when wet and can be hardened by firing, firing: making clay products permanent through heating to a required temperature in a kiln, first firing: bisque fire , second firing: glaze fire , glaze: thin coating of minerals that gives the surface of fired clay a glass-like quality, greenware: clay product in an unfired state, incising: in pottery, the cutting of closely spaced lines and designs into the surface of the pot before it is fired, wedging: kneading of moist clay to eliminate air bubbles and produce a uniform texture, leather hard: unfired clay that isn’t quite dry, yet firm enough to carve or burnish, bone dry: unfired clay that is free of water and ready to fire, bisqueware: clay form after its first firing