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Business in the Real World Word Scramble Puzzle

Business in the Real World


profit : difference between a business's revenue and its total costs, good : a physical product e.g. a car, sole trader : someone who sets up in business on …

Resource Management Word Scramble Puzzle

Resource Management


supply chain: from raw materials to retail., optimum : should be this capacity not maximum, lead time: waiting for delivery, erp : software for operations., …

Customers Word Scramble Puzzle



satisfied: we work hard to make sure you are _________ with our product. , customers: we always do our best to take care of our _________. , suppliers: we have …

VIVID WORDS: SELL Word Scramble Puzzle



push: to sell illegal drugs​., hawk: to try to sell things by going from place to place asking people to buy them.​, peddle: to try to sell goods by going …

Business Word Scramble Puzzle



income : how much you make, expenditure : how much you spend, profit : the difference between money made and spent, ceo : the leader of a business, quantity : …

Obstetrics Word Scramble Puzzle



pitocin: used for the induction of labor, to treat incomplete abortion, and postpartum bleeding., gyn: abbreviation for gynecology , ob: abbreviation for …

Wordly Wise Word Scramble Puzzle

Wordly Wise

Books & Literature

prey : an animal that is hunted for food - a victim - to take from or rob, evident : easy to see and understand, duration : the time in which something lasts or …

The Pet War Word Scramble Puzzle

The Pet War

Books & Literature

otto: the character who wants a dog, lexi: the character who wants a cat, schnoods: the grocery store where otto tries to get a job, five: how many hundreds …

Democracy and Dictatorships Word Scramble Puzzle

Democracy and Dictatorships

Law & Government

dictator : someone who take power in a country and wont give it back, stallon : last name of the name who lead the soviet union, holyrood: the name of scottish …

Journalism Word Scramble Puzzle


People & Society

unbiased: characterized by a lack of partiality, prominence: a new value word, famous people, journalist: people who write news stories, social: a party of …

Water Transport in Plants Word Scramble Puzzle

Water Transport in Plants


stomata : tiny holes in the leaf that water vapour escapes from., transpiration : how water moves up the plant, evaporate : what happens to the water when it …

Animal Farm and Russia Word Scramble Puzzle

Animal Farm and Russia


tsar: title for the king of russia, nicolas: name of russian king, lenin: in animal farm, he is old major, trotsky: in animal farm, he is snowball, stalin: in …

Wave Motion Word Scramble Puzzle

Wave Motion


wavelength : the distance that takes up one full crest and trough of a wave; in other words, the size of one individual wave., medium : the substance or …

Physical Energy Vocabulary Review Word Scramble Puzzle

Physical Energy Vocabulary Review


mechanical: a type of energy that involves motion; kinetic and potential are both _________ energy., sound: energy that can be heard and is made up of waves. , …

Energy Transformations Word Scramble Puzzle

Energy Transformations


gravitational : this type of stored energy increases when an object is higher in the air., electricity : this type of energy is in moving electrons., thermal : …

Energy and Waves Word Scramble Puzzle

Energy and Waves


electromagnetic : transfer of energy in a vacuum or in any medium., crest : point on a transverse wave where the displacement is at its maximum., mechanical : …

Shapes and Designs Word Scramble Puzzle

Shapes and Designs

Arts & Crafts

complementary : ____________ angles are two angles whose measure adds up to 90 degrees., parallel : ________ lines never meet and are always the same distance …

Ceramic Terms Word Scramble Puzzle

Ceramic Terms

Arts & Crafts

wedging : manipulating clay to reduce air bubbles and improve texture., glaze : finely ground minerals that create a glass like surface., shrinkage : the …

Elements Of Design Word Scramble Puzzle

Elements Of Design

Arts & Crafts

balance: an even distribution of weight enabling someone or something to remain upright and steady, color: the property possessed by an object of producing …

Principles of Design Word Scramble Puzzle

Principles of Design

Arts & Crafts

contrast : the visual difference between elements in a composition., balance : the distribution of visual weight in an artwork. the three types; symmetrical, …

Nutrients and Digestion Word Scramble Puzzle

Nutrients and Digestion

Health & Fitness

lipids: provide a long-term energy source and insulation, crop: storage pouch for food in birds, chemical: the type of digestion that involves enzymes and …