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A collection of home and garden crossword puzzles. Choose from the list for pre-made puzzles or add your own words to customize and download.

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Types of Houses Word Scramble Puzzle

Types of Houses

Home & Garden

tower: a tall building that stands by itself or attaches to a castle, flat: an apartment on one floor, shelter: a type of house that protects from dangerous …

Home Maintenance Word Scramble Puzzle

Home Maintenance

Home & Garden

maintenance: regular home ___________ checks should be done. , repairs : ______ must be done to anything that needs fixing. , mould : _____ is an organism that …

What you see in a House or an Apartment Word Scramble Puzzle

What you see in a House or an Apartment

Home & Garden

gutter: a device in the house to move the water from the roof. , nursing home: a place people go to when they are alone and need support for living., alley: …

In the House Word Scramble Puzzle

In the House

Home & Garden

mirror : you can see yourself in this, eraser : i use this to erase, toothbrush : you brush your teeth with it, lamp : this lights up the room, chair : you sit …

Kitchen Equipment Word Scramble Puzzle

Kitchen Equipment

Home & Garden

slotted spoon : use this to take food out of water or oil, measuring spoons : use these to measure small amounts, grater : use this to shred cheese, spatula : …

Home Automation Word Scramble Puzzle

Home Automation

Home & Garden

fiber optics : cable that meets ui standard 1651 (2 words), local area : lan stands for _____ ______ network, insteon : dual band technology, short : how to …