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The Tin Soldier Word Scramble Puzzle

The Tin Soldier


grandfather: who gave tom the soldiers?, soldier: what toy had one leg?, ballerina: who does the tin soldier love?, toys: what does tom like to play with?, …

Window Frame Word Scramble Puzzle

Window Frame


marking gauge: for marking out wood, tape measure: to assess the size, pencil: used to mark the timber, tenon saw: sometimes referred to as a back saw, bench …

Fieldwork Key Terms Word Scramble Puzzle

Fieldwork Key Terms


reliable: this means our results can be trusted, anomaly: data that does not fit the expected pattern, systematic: this type of sampling is done in an ordered …

Future Fun Word Scramble Puzzle

Future Fun


prediction: an educated guess of what will happen in the future, prosthetic: a manufactured replacement for a missing limb, transportation: a method of travel, …

Pirate Punk Word Scramble Puzzle

Pirate Punk


marooned: abandonned, privateer: authorised pirate, seadog: old sailor, coffer: full of gold and precious stones, bounty: reward, cutlass: may also cut apples …

Treasure Word Scramble Puzzle



aladdin: the diamond in the rough, scarab: beetles that were popular amulets and impression seals in ancient egypt., leprechaun: a small, mischievous sprite in …

Definitions Word Scramble Puzzle



co insurance: the percent (for example, 20%) you pay of the allowed amount for covered health care services. , room care: emergency _______ are the services you …

Things Needed to Survive Word Scramble Puzzle

Things Needed to Survive


house : it has a bedroom a bathroom and a living room, sleep : where we dream, education : learning at school and college, money : we get it from working, …

Keeping Things Word Scramble Puzzle

Keeping Things


closet: the place where you keep your clothes, shoes and some accessories., drawer: a small part of a desk., locker: the area to keep your school material or …

The Voice Word Scramble Puzzle

The Voice


purr:what a lion cannot do, mouth:where our vocal sounds are shaped to form words, inner ear:where our own voice is processed, trachea:the windpipe, pelican:a …

General Systems Word Scramble Puzzle

General Systems


gateway: provides a single location for customers to apply for and manage their benefits, snap: supplemental nutrition assistance program, wic: women infants …

Absolutely Truly Word Scramble Puzzle

Absolutely Truly


vigilance: keeping a careful watch for possible danger, proboscises: the long nose of a mammal like an elephant, foliage: a large collection of underbrush in an …

Identity Poetry Revision Word Scramble Puzzle

Identity Poetry Revision


masculine: what word means 'having qualities or appearance traditionally associated with men., feminine: what word means 'having qualities or appearance …

Imperial Sugar Factory Word Scramble Puzzle

Imperial Sugar Factory


oxygen : what we breathe in - a reactant in this chemical reaction., sucrose : table sugar - a reactant in this chemical reaction., sugar : dust that caused …

Arcade Addicts Word Scramble Puzzle

Arcade Addicts


street fighter: an obscure fighting game that features a scene with a boat guy , double dragon: masters of the fighting art sōsetsuken and lovers of marian, …

Roots to Shoots Word Scramble Puzzle

Roots to Shoots


germination: when seeds have the right conditions to grow, they start this process., shoot: second part of the plant to emerge, always frows in an upwards …

Ropes & Knots Word Scramble Puzzle

Ropes & Knots


anchoring : to fasten a rope to a suitable secure object is called?, bowline : a preferred method for securing tarps, figure eight : the strongest knot for a …

Giraffes on the Lawn Word Scramble Puzzle

Giraffes on the Lawn


trans locate: to move something, such as a group of animals, to another location, plight: a very bad situation, extinction : when an animal species completely …

Scatter Control Word Scramble Puzzle

Scatter Control


grid frequency : number of lead strips per unit measured, off focus : focal range is outside recommended range, cross hatched : lines run at right angles, …

Pipelines Word Scramble Puzzle



safest: free of danger, transport: carry and move people or goods, harmful: not safe, government: a system that makes decisions in states, sacred land: land …

All Things RSVP Word Scramble Puzzle

All Things RSVP


san francisco: rsvp founding city, french: originating language of répondez s'il vous plaît (rsvp), cellophane: sheet made of regenerated cellulose, billion: …