General Crossword Puzzles

A collection of general crossword puzzles. Choose from the list for pre-made puzzles or add your own words to customize and download.

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General Systems Word Scramble Puzzle

General Systems


gateway: provides a single location for customers to apply for and manage their benefits, snap: supplemental nutrition assistance program, wic: women infants …

The Voice Word Scramble Puzzle

The Voice


purr:what a lion cannot do, mouth:where our vocal sounds are shaped to form words, inner ear:where our own voice is processed, trachea:the windpipe, pelican:a …

Definitions Word Scramble Puzzle



co insurance: the percent (for example, 20%) you pay of the allowed amount for covered health care services. , room care: emergency _______ are the services you …

Pirate Punk Word Scramble Puzzle

Pirate Punk


marooned: abandonned, privateer: authorised pirate, seadog: old sailor, coffer: full of gold and precious stones, bounty: reward, cutlass: may also cut apples …

Window Frame Word Scramble Puzzle

Window Frame


marking gauge: for marking out wood, tape measure: to assess the size, pencil: used to mark the timber, tenon saw: sometimes referred to as a back saw, bench …

Conscious Collaboration Word Scramble Puzzle

Conscious Collaboration


data: facts and figures, process: series of steps or actions, respect: what aretha franklin wanted, structure: specific arrangement of something, time: we never …

The Knight Word Scramble Puzzle

The Knight


horse : an animal the knight travels on, armour : serves to protect the knight in battles, sword : weapon the knight uses to defend himself, king : the man who …

Strange and Mysterious Word Scramble Puzzle

Strange and Mysterious


magic: a special power that witches and wizards have, horror: scarier than ghosts, cat: a witch's pet, unexplained: something that hasn't been solved, …

Lighting Word Scramble Puzzle



direct: when light is shining directly on your subject, tungsten: type of lightbulb with a more yellow hue , golden hour: the hour before the sun rises and …

Princesses Word Scramble Puzzle



elsa: queen of snow and ice, rapunzel: longest hair ever, anna: sister of queen snow, cinderella: poor girl, bella: likes a beast, pochahontas: has a racoon and …

Fearlessness Word Scramble Puzzle



bravery : this medal is awarded to australians for displaying acts of courage., devotion : one of the three d's, courage : lions practice this value., challenge …

Life Education Topics Word Scramble Puzzle

Life Education Topics


government : a group of people with the authority to govern a country, drug : a medicine that can have dangerous effects, relationships : the way in which two …

Argumentative Text Word Scramble Puzzle

Argumentative Text


invasive : an organism that has arrived in a place from somewhere else and has a harmful effect on that place, designate : to choose someone or something for a …

All Things Witchy Word Scramble Puzzle

All Things Witchy


familiar: lower-level demon in the guise of an animal, crystals: casting stones, amulet: an object with natural magical properties, soul: the essence of a …

Carotenoid Word Scramble Puzzle



carotenoid: yellow, orange, and red antioxidant family, astareal: brand with 70+ clinical studies, softgel: traditional astaxanthin delivery capsule, eye: where …

Hot Air Balloons Word Scramble Puzzle

Hot Air Balloons


vijaypat : ____________ singhania has the record for flying an hot air balloon the highest, france : where is the epicenter for ballooning?, montgolfier : …

Treasure Word Scramble Puzzle



aladdin: the diamond in the rough, scarab: beetles that were popular amulets and impression seals in ancient egypt., leprechaun: a small, mischievous sprite in …

Spirits and Spectres Word Scramble Puzzle

Spirits and Spectres


horror : a genre title for scary or slasher content, skeleton : inside of all of us, what do our bones form?, priest : who do you call to bless your house?, …

Pirates Word Scramble Puzzle



barrel : used for storing things on a ship., captain : the pirate in charge!, parrot : a pirate's pet, telescope : used to spot far away land., rigging : climb …

Media Word Scramble Puzzle



slander: a false report maliciously uttered and tending to injure the reputation of a person, feature: a special or regular article, usually displayed …

Keeping Things Word Scramble Puzzle

Keeping Things


closet: the place where you keep your clothes, shoes and some accessories., drawer: a small part of a desk., locker: the area to keep your school material or …