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Counties in Central Illinois Word Scramble Puzzle

Counties in Central Illinois

Cities & Places

livingston: this place has towns such as, fairbury, forrest, chatsworth, dwight & flanagan, ford: this county is made up of small towns, just southeast of …

Around the Town Word Scramble Puzzle

Around the Town

Cities & Places

pharmacy : fill a prescription, gas station : pump gas into your gas tank., parking lot : park your car in the..., post office : go here to send a letter or a …

Southern and Northern Border States Word Scramble Puzzle

Southern and Northern Border States

Cities & Places

texas : austin is the capital of this state , columbus : capital of ohio , lansing : capital of michigan , sacramento : capital of california , montpelier : …

US Capitals Word Scramble Puzzle

US Capitals

Cities & Places

indianapolis: capital of indiana, honolulu: capital of hawaii, austin: capital of texas, sacramento: capital of california, hartford: capital of connecticut, …

States Known for these Supper Foods Word Scramble Puzzle

States Known for these Supper Foods

Cities & Places

florida : oranges, louisiana : sweet potato, oklahoma : watermelon, minnesota : carrots, north dakota : cabbage, georgia : peaches, wisconsin: green peppers, …

Tasmania Word Scramble Puzzle


Cities & Places

tasmanian devil : the largest carnivorous marsupial in tasmania, bass strait : name of the sea that separates victoria and tasmania, australia : name of the …

Alabama Word Scramble Puzzle


Cities & Places

baldwin : largest county (area), sixty-seven : number of counties in alabama, helen keller : on the state quarter, mobile : azalea city, joe louis : "brown …

Chicago Trivia Word Scramble Puzzle

Chicago Trivia

Cities & Places

third : chicago's ranking on the list of u.s. largest cities by population., windy city : popular nickname for chicago., four : number of stars on chicago's …

All About Boston Word Scramble Puzzle

All About Boston

Cities & Places

boston: the capital of massachusetts is ________________., massachusetts: boston is in the state of _____________________., earth: boston has a tunnel that goes …

Mexico Trivia Word Scramble Puzzle

Mexico Trivia

Cities & Places

eagle : what is the national animal of mexico?, thirty four : how many unesco world heritage sites does mexico have?, pyramid : mexico is home to the world's …

The Countries Capitals Word Scramble Puzzle

The Countries' Capitals

Cities & Places

paris : is a major european city and a world center of art, fashion, gastronomy and culture., washington : the capitol, the white house and the supreme court. …

Street Food Country Word Scramble Puzzle

Street Food Country

Cities & Places

mexico : tacos, middle east : falafel, thailand : pad thai, greece : gyros, turkey : kebabs, china : fried rice, india : samosas, france : crepes, belgium : …

Hawaii Word Scramble Puzzle


Cities & Places

aloha: the word for hello and goodbye is ?, lei: what is the name of the hawaiian flowered necklace?, pearl harbor: what naval base was attacked on dec.7, …

Athens and Sparta Word Scramble Puzzle

Athens and Sparta

Cities & Places

sparta: a large city-state in peloponnesus, athens: sparta's main rival, helots: defeated people forced to become slaves by the spartans, barracks: military …

Trip Around the Philippines Word Scramble Puzzle

Trip Around the Philippines

Cities & Places

bohol: land of chocolate hills, nature's sweet tooth masterpiece., mayon: perfect cone volcano, nature's most fashionable landmark., ifugao: banaue rice …

State Nicknames and Mottos Word Scramble Puzzle

State Nicknames and Mottos

Cities & Places

alaska: state known as the last frontier, delaware: state known as the first state, illinois: state known as the land of lincoln, new hampshire: state whose …

Caribbean Capitals Word Scramble Puzzle

Caribbean Capitals

Cities & Places

kingston: capital of jamaica, willemstad: capital of curacao, port of spain: capital of trinidad and tobago, hamilton: capital of bermuda, oranjestad: capital …

Visiting London Word Scramble Puzzle

Visiting London

Cities & Places

pub : a place where children can only go with adults. you can drink, eat and watch sports matches there., gallery : you can find lots of art there., ferris : …

The Middle Eastern Capitals Word Scramble Puzzle

The Middle Eastern Capitals

Cities & Places

nicosia: capital of cyprus, muscat: capital of oman, tehran: capital of iran, beirut: capital of lebanon, abu dhabi: capital of u.a.e, doha: capital of qatar, …

Twin Towers Word Scramble Puzzle

Twin Towers

Cities & Places

twin towers : 2 buildings that got crashed into, slurry wall : kept hudson river from leaking into the buildings, planes : what crashed into the twin towers, …

China - Landscapes, Features and Cities Word Scramble Puzzle

China - Landscapes, Features and Cities

Cities & Places

china : the largest country in asia with 2.2 billion people., tibetan plateu : a high flat area of land located in the west of china., beijing : the capital …