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Earth, Moon and Sun Word Scramble Puzzle

Earth, Moon and Sun


crescent, axis, quarter, eclipse, full moon, tidal bulge, new moon, waxing, revolve, high tide, equinox, rotate, low tide, waning, neap tide, spring

Easter Word Scramble Puzzle



jellybeans, bonnet, bunny, easter, decorate, flowers, happy, rabbit, egg hunt, basket, parade, spring, hope, chocolates, dye, candy

Chocolate Word Scramble Puzzle


Food & Drinks

Word search based on chocolate related words. Find all the hidden words to solve the puzzle.

Art Supplies Word Scramble Puzzle

Art Supplies

Arts & Crafts

chalk, cups, glue, pencils, markers, clay, pencil box, crayola, pastel, colors, scissors, folders, paper, palette, wipes, paint, brushes, rulers, …

French Colours Word Scramble Puzzle

French Colours

Arts & Crafts

blue, violet, black, noir, gris, rough, blanc, red, marron, brown, jaune, grey, rose, bleu, purple, green, brun, pink, vert, white

The Guitar Word Scramble Puzzle

The Guitar


solo, electric, riff, fret, bend, tuning, slide, string, range, plectrum, amplifier, scales, acoustic, capo, tab, strum

Descriptive Words Word Scramble Puzzle

Descriptive Words


hollow, simple, short, lazy, kind, bright, colorful, distinct, rotten, neat, foolish, boring, eager, fine, calm, false

Maya Angelou Word Scramble Puzzle

Maya Angelou

Books & Literature

words, poet, patterns, dancer, speak, literature, rhythmic, write, publish, wisdom, create, unique, draft, edit, achieve, actress, author, revise, …

Volleyball Word Scramble Puzzle



blocking, points, coach, court, score, assist, match, teams, fault, captain, floater, pass, sky ball, trajectory, sets, foul

Weather and Seasons Word Scramble Puzzle

Weather and Seasons


fall, winter, blizzard, spring, sun, tornado, cold, summer, rain, snow, calm, cloudy, hot, melt, freeze, windy

Spring Word Scramble Puzzle



cleaning, tulips, flowers, easter, jacket, sunshine, breeze, blooming, grow, april, picnic, kite, march, break, season, showers, windy

Health and Social Care Word Scramble Puzzle

Health and Social Care

Health & Fitness

care, social, physical, health, gender, nurse, aging, values, disease, research, education, diet, illness, growth, genetics, community

Percy Jackson : Lightning Thief Word Scramble Puzzle

Percy Jackson : Lightning Thief


centaurs, underworld, hades, protector, lightning, olympus, monsters, satyr, athena, half blood, grover, zeus, big three, las vegas, riptide, smelly …

Words that Contain ER Word Scramble Puzzle

Words that Contain 'ER'


river, berry, aerial, literal, merry, farmer, order, derby, clever, here, error, flower, were, user, zero, paper

Good Behavior Word Scramble Puzzle

Good Behavior

People & Society

nice words, no fighting, polite, focus, confident, respect, stay in line, friendly, stay seated, homework, peace, listen, kindness, neatness, sharing, …

A Camping Trip Word Scramble Puzzle

A Camping Trip


firewood, boots, propane, gas stove, bowls, raincoat, blanket, cooler, grill, batteries, food, map, charcoal, flashlight, first aid kit, chairs

Landscaping Word Scramble Puzzle


Home & Garden

lawn, rock, yard, deck, patio, design, tree, slope, hillside, accessory, soil, masonry, pathway, mulch, climber, nursery, brick, compost, fern, garden

Communication Skills Word Scramble Puzzle

Communication Skills

People & Society

respect, writing, speaking, talking, teamwork, listening, empathy, explaining, confidence, social, motivation, clarity, telephone, feedback, …

Donut Word Scramble Puzzle


Food & Drinks

coffee, frosting, maple, old fashioned, hole, sugar, blueberry, cinnamon, sprinkles, coconut, glazed, sweet, doughnut, chocolate, cider, cream

Thomas Becket Word Scramble Puzzle

Thomas Becket


becket, church, saint, thomas, henry, archbishop, king, roman, london, patron, friendship, knight

Zodiac Signs Word Scramble Puzzle

Zodiac Signs


List of 12 zodiac signs or star signs that are related to the position and path of the sun moon and other planets at specific period of time and their affects on our lives.

World Heritage Sites Word Scramble Puzzle

World Heritage Sites

Travel & Tourism

lake baikal, shark bay, meteora, wadden sea, paphos, cahokia, angkor, gondwana, mir castle, taj mahal, delos, acropolis

Story Elements Word Scramble Puzzle

Story Elements

Books & Literature

rising action, characters, antagonist, conflict, stanza, climax, idiom, imagery, plot, hyperbole, theme, resolution, setting, simile, alliteration, …

World Currencies Word Scramble Puzzle

World Currencies


rupee , dollar , ruble , gourde , baht , lira , shilling , riyal , euro , yen , dinar , afghani , krona , dram , leone , pound