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Artificial Intelligence Word Scramble Puzzle

Artificial Intelligence

Computers & IT

robot, intelligence, programming, science, circuit, machine, future, algorithm, wireless, electronics, humanoid, computing, chip, memory, technology, …

Cyber Security Word Scramble Puzzle

Cyber Security

Computers & IT

hacker, zombie, firewall, encryption, cyber, isp, domain, security, crime, spoofing, spam, worm, phishing, spyware, sniffing, adware

ICT Word Scramble Puzzle


Computers & IT

keyboard, computer, printer, safety, mouse, facebook, online, email, typing, screen, youtube, internet, shopping, microsoft, google

Internet Safety Word Scramble Puzzle

Internet Safety

Computers & IT

private, technology, antivirus, dangerous, stranger, spam, internet, cyberbully, trolls, virus, online, responsible, trust, passwords, phishing, …

Computer Parts Word Scramble Puzzle

Computer Parts

Computers & IT

webcam, ram, speaker, printer, modem, scanner, hard drive, joystick, cpu, cable, mouse, usb port, keyboard, memory, cd drive, monitor

Computer Components Word Scramble Puzzle

Computer Components

Computers & IT

output, printer, motherboard, optical drive, monitor, input, ram, scanner, power supply, microprocessor, video card, hard disk, hdd, cpu, processor

Computer Health and Safety Word Scramble Puzzle

Computer Health and Safety

Computers & IT

anxiety, screen, headache, mental stress, exercise, electric shock, ergonomics, sockets, hazard, back pain, cables, equipment, neck injury, eyestrain, …

Microsoft Word Word Scramble Puzzle

Microsoft Word

Computers & IT

menu, tab, paste, format, layout, print, row, column, image, text, icon, undo, cut, insert, save, font, table, link, copy, redo

3D Printer Word Scramble Puzzle

3D Printer

Computers & IT

printer bot, download, layers, output, dimensional, software, digital, business, movement, print bed, axes, plastic, project, object, filament, …

Different Types of Computers Word Scramble Puzzle

Different Types of Computers

Computers & IT

workstation, digital, virtual, personal, ipad, supercomputer, robot, handheld, mainframe, smartphone, micro, tablet, server, palmtop, wearable

Information Technology Word Scramble Puzzle

Information Technology

Computers & IT

desktop, process, scanner, headset, input, monitor, laptop, protocol, usb, output, browser, router, storage, dvd, printer, stylus, portal, tablet, …

Email Word Scramble Puzzle


Computers & IT

view, message, reply, junk, new, folders, attachment, drafts, font, delete, mailbox, bounce, send, forward, inbox, trash

Internet Word Scramble Puzzle


Computers & IT

beta, address, access, cyber, blogging, profile, email, website, modem, hacker, www, avatar, speed, gamer, online, bugs

Microsoft Excel Word Scramble Puzzle

Microsoft Excel

Computers & IT

reference, default, keyword, asterisk, logic, data, auto save, operand, row, name box, flash fill, merged cell, sheet tabs, array, formula, nesting

Computer Whiz Word Scramble Puzzle

Computer Whiz

Computers & IT

keyboard, typing, gigabytes, hard drive, spacebar, tab, caps lock, backspace, email, mouse, icon, monitor, programs, desktop, internet, modem

Social Media Word Scramble Puzzle

Social Media

Computers & IT

pinterest, snapchat, linkedin, google plus, twitter, quora, skype, reddit, wechat, tagged, tumblr, facebook, instagram, youtube, whatsapp, stumbleupon

Computing Word Scramble Puzzle


Computers & IT

hardware, program, browser, click, mouse, server, megabyte, file, monitor, application, network, database, computer, keyboard, folder, linux

Email Messaging Word Scramble Puzzle

Email Messaging

Computers & IT

subject, spam, unread, password, receive, trash, drafts, date, inbox, sent, compose, archive, account, font, signature, flagged

Computer Jargon Word Scramble Puzzle

Computer Jargon

Computers & IT

Word search puzzles based on computer related words terminology. Download or play online.

Keyboard Characters Word Scramble Puzzle

Keyboard Characters

Computers & IT

insert, page down, delete, print screen, shift, control, tab, enter, backspace, asterisk, caps lock, percentage, space bar, and, escape, end

Cyber Bullying Word Scramble Puzzle

Cyber Bullying

Computers & IT

code, saftey, stalked, internet, unliked, password, swear, parents, protect, harrased, police, hurt, cyber, report, bullying, email

General Computer Science Terms Word Scramble Puzzle

General Computer Science Terms

Computers & IT

hack, spyware, logic, gate, trojan, ram, bus, cpu, phishing, data, memory, malware, decode, virus, fetch, execute

Smartphone Word Scramble Puzzle


Computers & IT

notes, memory card, apps, alarm, videos, emails, contacts, music, icons, phone book, organizer, speaker, bluetooth, wifi, pictures, calendar

Software Coding Word Scramble Puzzle

Software Coding

Computers & IT

while, iteration, if, integer, string, boolean, counting, python, float, conditional, micro bit, print, input, selection, sequence, program