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The Beatles Word Scramble Puzzle

The Beatles


Find the words related to The Beatles, an English rock band formed in Liverpool in 1960.

The Twelve Days of Christmas Word Scramble Puzzle

The Twelve Days of Christmas


ten lords, days, gave to me, dancing, gold rings, pear tree, drummers, seven swans, true love, eight maids, christmas, ladies, ten, six geese, piping, …

Musical Terms Word Scramble Puzzle

Musical Terms


Word search based on the word term related to the music industry and the musical instruments.

1950s Songs Word Scramble Puzzle

1950's Songs


django, donna, everyday, tequila, honky tonk, red hot, rave on, la bamba, rumble, night train, misty, speedo, fever, hound dog, only you

Famous Composers Word Scramble Puzzle

Famous Composers


liszt, chopin, haydn, brahms, schubert, bach, gershwin, stravinsky, beethoven, mozart, ravel, debussy, wagner, handel, strauss, bartok

Music Vocabulary Word Scramble Puzzle

Music Vocabulary


jazz, notes, piano, harmony, treble, verse, voice, rhythm, tune, melody, tempo, pop, music, alto, beats, lyrics, bass, play, sound, pitch

Frank Sinatra Word Scramble Puzzle

Frank Sinatra


Francis Albert Sinatra was a singer and actor with one of the best-selling music artists of all time and was one of the most popular and influential musical artists of the 20th century.

The Wiggles Word Scramble Puzzle

The Wiggles


simon, album, emma, the wiggles, anthony, music, murry, yummy, octopus, jeff, captain, guitarist, concert, band, henry, sydney

Opera Word Scramble Puzzle



opus, symphony, mozart, adagio, verdi, music, callas, duet, mezzo, domingo, passage, voice, sonata, allegro, opera, bass

Grammys Award Winning Songs Word Scramble Puzzle

Grammys Award Winning Songs


gravity, cry, elevation, fast car, really love, beat it, moon river, smooth, get lucky, earned it, again, desire, tequila, beautiful, hey baby, i try

Bruno Mars Word Scramble Puzzle

Bruno Mars


mirror, singer, dancer, marry you, musician, songwriter, peter, show me, treasure, natalie, american, records, retro, producer, moonshine, gorilla

Bob Marley Word Scramble Puzzle

Bob Marley


Find the hidden words related to Bob Marley, who was a Jamaican singer, songwriter, and musician.

Sia Kate Isobelle Word Scramble Puzzle

Sia Kate Isobelle


singer, adelaide, buttons, acid jazz, wile ones, alive, aria, little man, indie pop, songwriter, titanium, onlysee, reaper, australian, breath me, …

Percussion Word Scramble Puzzle



Word search related to a percussion instrument, a musical instrument that is sounded by being struck or scraped by a beater.

Famouse Rappers Word Scramble Puzzle

Famouse Rappers


jay z, redman, mc lyte, dmx, offset, nas, scarface, lil kim, drake, ice cube, eve, migos, eminem, gunna, gang starr, common

Musical Instruments Word Scramble Puzzle

Musical Instruments


There are many types of musical instruments and check out how many you can find in this puzzle.

Rap Word Scramble Puzzle



beyonce , lil kim , waka flocka, tyrese, missy elliot, ja rule, kayne west , chris brown, drake, common, ciara, gangsta , future, ludacris , lil wayne …

Music Genres Word Scramble Puzzle

Music Genres


hip hop, grunge, classical, blues, rock, jazz, gospel, folk, dance, pop, techno, new age, americana, opera, house, latin

Opera Singers Word Scramble Puzzle

Opera Singers


gigli, kearns, bocelli, caruso, rinaldi, tebaldi, domingo, callas, flagstad, carreras, damrau, graves, lanza, fleming, ferrani, ancona

1960s Songs Word Scramble Puzzle

1960's Songs


Solve the word search puzzle by finding all the hidden title songs from 1960s. Download and print or play online.

Dance Crazes Word Scramble Puzzle

Dance Crazes


tango, da dip, foxtrot, limbo, thriller, hip hop, salsa, modern, mambo, calypso, bollywood, disco, ballroom, zumba, moonwalk, rumba

Singing Word Scramble Puzzle



opera, register, baritone, lips, choir, volume, lyric, diaphragm, range, tonal, melody, yodel, alto, voice, pitch, loud

Rappers Word Scramble Puzzle



Rapping is a musical form of vocal delivery which is performed in a variety of ways over a background music beat. Find terms related to Rappers or Rap Singers.

Jazz Music Word Scramble Puzzle

Jazz Music


Jazz is a kind of music and search the terms related to jazz music and the popular jazz musicians and bands.