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A collection of home and garden word search puzzles. Choose from the list to play online or add your own words to customize and download.

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Kitchen Utensils Word Scramble Puzzle

Kitchen Utensils

Home & Garden

A list of words related to the items and utensils that are commonly used in household kitchens.

Parts of the House Word Scramble Puzzle

Parts of the House

Home & Garden

upstairs, corridor, living room, kitchen, laundry, toilets, bedroom, stairs, bathroom, garage, dining room, office, back garden, front garden, …

Refrigerators Word Scramble Puzzle


Home & Garden

fridge, temperature, compressor, cooling system, icebox, refrigerant, freezer, appliance, drinks, cold, coils, ice, food, cooler, refrigerator, …

Cleaning Supplies Word Scramble Puzzle

Cleaning Supplies

Home & Garden

brush, bucket, bleach, wax, detergent, ammonia, sponge, duster, tissue, broom, remover, wipe, towel, vacuum, soap, hose

Gardening Word Scramble Puzzle


Home & Garden

Word Search Puzzle with words list related to Gardening. For classroom play, this can be a fun and interactive way of getting students think and learn about flowers and gardening.

Bedroom Items Word Scramble Puzzle

Bedroom Items

Home & Garden

Search for the hidden words related to the typical items and objects you might find in a bedroom.

The Kitchen Word Scramble Puzzle

The Kitchen

Home & Garden

juicer, blender, gloves, dishwasher, fridge, fork, faucet, counter, bowl, kettle, oven, cup, spoon, freezer, toaster, canister

Landscaping Word Scramble Puzzle


Home & Garden

lawn, rock, yard, deck, patio, design, tree, slope, hillside, accessory, soil, masonry, pathway, mulch, climber, nursery, brick, compost, fern, garden

Dining Room Word Scramble Puzzle

Dining Room

Home & Garden

goblets, napkins, cups, linens, buffet, dinner, dishes, meals, eating, chairs, bowls, plates, cabinet, pitcher, vase, supper

Medicinal Plants Word Scramble Puzzle

Medicinal Plants

Home & Garden

plantain, arnica, ginger, sagewort, yarrow, dandelion, garlic, peppermint, digitalis, hibiscus, jackfruit, nettles, comfrey, chamomile, hawthorn, …

Horticulture Word Scramble Puzzle


Home & Garden

shade, toxicity, sun, seed, clay, subsoil, tree, water, root, mulch, topsoil, prune, compost, fertilizer, nutrient, soil, bedrock, flower, propagate, …

Wardrobe Word Scramble Puzzle


Home & Garden

boot, swimsuit, shoe, hat, trouser, blouse, tie, boxers, gloves, belt, coat, jacket, suit, pajama, shorts, skirt, bra, dress, sandal, clothes

Tableware Word Scramble Puzzle


Home & Garden

mug, saucer, pepper, jug, glass, salt, fork, teapot, bowl, pitcher, plate, cup, napkin, knife, tray, spoon

Garage Storage Word Scramble Puzzle

Garage Storage

Home & Garden

paint, bicycles, hose, coats, balls, ladder, car, broom, brushes, tools, lawn mower, rake, boots, buckets, fertilizer, cables

Kitchen Items Word Scramble Puzzle

Kitchen Items

Home & Garden

Word search related to the items and appliances used in kitchen.

In the Bathroom Word Scramble Puzzle

In the Bathroom

Home & Garden

soap, mirror, rug, brush, hair dryer, bathtub, curling iron, shower, toilet, conditioner, razor, comb, sink, shampoo, hamper, towel

Flower Names Word Scramble Puzzle

Flower Names

Home & Garden

stock, limonium, calla, tulip, freesia, daisy, orchid, lily, dahlia, gladioli, hydrangea, sunflower, gerbera, carnation, larkspur, rose

Junk Drawer Word Scramble Puzzle

Junk Drawer

Home & Garden

ruler, coins, nails, cord, candles, knobs, pliers, bolt, matches, dice, gloves, pins, clippers, buttons, washers, thread

In the Kitchen Word Scramble Puzzle

In the Kitchen

Home & Garden

sink, freezer, blender, knives, mixer, forks, microwave, skillet, spoons, pots, drinks, pans, oven, chairs, food, stove

Rooms & Furnitures Word Scramble Puzzle

Rooms & Furnitures

Home & Garden

fridge, bathtub, chairs, shower head, computer, dining room, microwave, bathroom, garden, bookshelf, kitchen, bedroom, yard, garage, television, …

Chairs Word Scramble Puzzle


Home & Garden

bean bag, hassock, rocking, dining, ottoman, high, recliner, navy, lift, throne, massage, folding, bench, office, inflatable, armchair

In a Bedroom Word Scramble Puzzle

In a Bedroom

Home & Garden

chair, book, curtains, laptop, storage, makeup, desk, clothing, lamp, television, window, bed, candle, shelving, mirror, pillow

House Warming Word Scramble Puzzle

House Warming

Home & Garden

cook, toaster, home, keys, bed, table, pillow, forks, sheets, rugs, curtains, towels, groceries, mattress, freezer, spoon, dishes, tv, couch, stove

Kitchen Tools Word Scramble Puzzle

Kitchen Tools

Home & Garden

pots, whisk, plates, can opener, fork, grater, fridge, bowls, oven, blender, pans, toaster, spatula, microwave, teaspoons, tongs