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Two Syllable Words Word Scramble Puzzle

Two Syllable Words


puzzle, pizza, silver, helping, about, statue, happy, heaven, burger, music, future, seven, open, pumpkin, perfect, table

Words with Prefixes Word Scramble Puzzle

Words with Prefixes


Prefixes are a syllable, or group of syllables, added to the beginning of a word to alter its meaning. This puzzle has list of words that start with a prefix e.g. 'un-', 'non-', 'pre-', 're-' etc.

Words Starting with LO Word Scramble Puzzle

Words Starting with LO


love, loose, lobster, local, loud, lookout, lotion, load, lounge, location, lord, lowly, london, lodge, logical, longer

Happy Word Scramble Puzzle



buoyant, carefree, ecstatic, cheery, jolly, joyful, cheerful, gleeful, blissful, delighted, jocular, radiant, thrilled, beatific, exultant, blithe

Transition Words Word Scramble Puzzle

Transition Words


thus, in addition, as a result, in fact, however, to conclude, moreover, but, next, furthermore, because, finally, for instance, therefore, lastly, …

Communication Word Scramble Puzzle



Communication means the way information or news is exchanged. Try to find the different ways of communication or the related words in this puzzle.

QU Words Word Scramble Puzzle

'QU' Words


quantum, quarry, quake, quotation, quiz, quirky, quiet, quilt, quay, queen, quite, quill

3 Letter Words Word Scramble Puzzle

3 Letter Words


Kids can enjoy and enhance their vocabulary by playing this word search puzzle based on the words containing only 3 letters.

Positive Words Word Scramble Puzzle

Positive Words


approve, awesome, beautiful, adorable, easy, truthful, brilliant, excellent, delight, lovely, funny, amazing, zealous, admire, optimistic, paradise

Proper Nouns Word Scramble Puzzle

Proper Nouns


wimbledon, september, sydney, london, titanic, mercedes, google, simon, janet, argentina, russian, april, oreo, tom, tuesday, amazon

Comparative and Superlatives Word Scramble Puzzle

Comparative and Superlatives


best, happiest, smallest, smaller, better, largest, busiest, littlest, busier, happier, sunniest, coldest, littler, earliest, earlier, larger

S Words Word Scramble Puzzle

'S' Words


saint, sunrise, safari, squeeze, sacrifice, solution, station, salmon, safety, stolen, sauce, salad, starter, suffice, scroll, sleep

Begins with Letter B Word Scramble Puzzle

Begins with Letter B


bald, ballot, ballast, beside, build, baking, badge, bubble, beagle, band, back, bakery, bright, baffled, beauty, balmy

Spelling Words Word Scramble Puzzle

Spelling Words


village, actual, arrive, cross, appear, ice, speak, breath, sleep, snow, bicycle, school, ride, address, results, metal

Pronouns Word Scramble Puzzle



these, mine, she, that, many, both, some, them, this, her, none, few, you, they, him, most

Regular Verbs Word Scramble Puzzle

Regular Verbs


earn, face, land, join, call, excite, file, guard, hug, amuse, pause, accept, deliver, guide, dress, lock

Familiar French Words Word Scramble Puzzle

Familiar French Words


croissant, limousine, pastry, apricot, silhouette, fondue, saxophone, parachute, praline, cinema, sauce, television, casserole, cerise, leotard, …

Action Verbs Word Scramble Puzzle

Action Verbs


wash, catch, sing, fall, play, laugh, look, open, ride, dance, meet, write, leave, climb, give, sleep, think, learn, win, close

Miraculous Synonyms Word Scramble Puzzle

Miraculous Synonyms


awesome, fabulous, far out, magical, wondrous, incredible, strange, unreal, freakish, marvelous, amazing, too much

Punctuation Marks Word Scramble Puzzle

Punctuation Marks


asterisk, semicolon, apostrophe, bracket, slash, paragraph, period, accent, dash, caret, comma, brace, colon, hyphen, ampersand, tilde

G Words Word Scramble Puzzle

'G' Words


gross, glacier, guilty, glass, galaxy, gamble, gold, gorge, ginger, gloss, globe, great, generous, gale, genial, goggles

Spanish Greetings Word Scramble Puzzle

Spanish Greetings


usted, hola, ellas, que tal, este es, adios, chao, igual, yo soy, senor, esta es, senora, ellos, senorita, nosotros, ustedes

Begins with Letter W Word Scramble Puzzle

Begins with Letter W


warranty, wallet, want, water, wagon, wallop, wander, wager, wardrobe, waste, wash, watch, waffle, wait, waltz, weather

Double Letter Starting Words Word Scramble Puzzle

Double Letter Starting Words


Words search puzzle with list of words that start with double or two consecutive letters.