Shopping Word Search

A collection of shopping word search puzzles. Choose from the list to play online or add your own words to customize and download.

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Wedding Gifts Word Scramble Puzzle

Wedding Gifts


cutlery, painting, vouchers, flowers, champagne, glassware, wine, cushion, gift cards, bath set, mugs, microwave, bed linen, cookware, chocolate, …

Stationery Word Scramble Puzzle



notebook, crayon, highlighter, marker, staple, eraser, pencil, letter, ruler, index card, tags, clips, envelope, clipboard, pen, label

Grocery Store Word Scramble Puzzle

Grocery Store


produce, customer, rack, credit card, discount, refund, bag, purchase, freezer, supermarket, bakery, basket, coupon, scales, receipt, aisle

On Sale Items Word Scramble Puzzle

On Sale Items


flour, dessert, cake, bargains, bread, cans, eggs, bakery, meals, butter, cheese, beef, soup, bleach, milk, deli

Shopping Word Scramble Puzzle



discount, store, bag, receipt, aisle, credit card, food, cash, gift, bargain, voucher, clothing, refund, scan, cart, price tag

Sale Days Word Scramble Puzzle

Sale Days


discount, bargain, ads, clearance, value, business, crowd, promotion, deal, save, choice, brands, cheap, best, final, stock

Making a Purchase Word Scramble Puzzle

Making a Purchase


price, discount, receipt, coupon, credit, shop, cash, online, code, returns, delivery, order, stock, sale, bag, gift card

Museum Shop Word Scramble Puzzle

Museum Shop


mugs, toys, banners, handicrafts, gifts, stationery, artifacts, boxes, medallions, books, statues, postcards, pictures, hats, minerals, ornaments

Trip to the Grocery Word Scramble Puzzle

Trip to the Grocery


ice cream, cereal, fruit, vegetables, pasta, crackers, butter, mustard, ketchup, bread, yogurt, eggs, chips, cheese, pet food, milk