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Cold Weather Word Scramble Puzzle

Cold Weather


hot cocoa, ski slopes, icicles, boots, hats, mittens, snowmen, blizzard, shovel, gloves, ice, freezing, sledding, skiing, scarf, snow

September Word Scramble Puzzle



school, bus, coat, chilly, windy, color, rake, acorn, autumn, football, leaves, nuts, holiday, apples, fall, raincoat

Trick-or-Treat Word Scramble Puzzle



In some parts of the word, Trick-or-treating is a traditional Halloween practice for children and adults. In this, the children wearing costumes go from door to door in a neighborhood saying "trick or treat". When the door is opened, they ask for treats with the implied threat of playing tricks on those who refuse.

October Word Scramble Puzzle



frost, costume, crops, october, tenth, leaves, treat, trick, harvest, rain, pumpkin, halloween, ship, habitat, sea, windy

Four Seasons Word Scramble Puzzle

Four Seasons


sunscreen, beach, scarf, winter, windy, cider, pumpkin, gloves, harvest, hot, spring, summer, rain, ice, snowman, fall, flowers, birds, fireworks, …

Autumn Word Scramble Puzzle



Autumn, also known as fall is the time of the year when leaves starts falling from the tree. This is one of the four seasons that comes before winter. Autumn marks the transition from summer to winter when the temperature gradually decreases. There are many festives in fall or autumn season and this puzzle has words related to the autumn activities.

Daylight Savings Word Scramble Puzzle

Daylight Savings


morning, daylight, watch, savings, march, after, day, clock, evening, adjust, before, minute, sunrise, sunset, early, hour

Harvest Festival Word Scramble Puzzle

Harvest Festival


acorn, grapes, canning, burn, berries, rake, leaves, pumpkin, frost, harvest, colorful, brown, squash, fall, apples, trees

Monsters Word Scramble Puzzle



This puzzle has the scary, creepy, monster, spooky creatures and animals related to the Halloween festival.

Fall Activities Word Scramble Puzzle

Fall Activities


nature hikes, pumpkin carving, baking pies, bonfires, apple picking, crafting, leaf peeping, harvest fairs, fall foliage, scarecrow making, costume …

Winter Wonderland Word Scramble Puzzle

Winter Wonderland


blizzard, chill, winter, snowflake, wonderland, glisten, sledding, hot chocolate, holidays, snowball, skiing, icicle, frosty, skating, frozen, …

Summer Time Word Scramble Puzzle

Summer Time


shorts, playground, bike rides, sunglasses, no school, swimsuits, activities, vacation, baseball, popsicle, flip flops, park, fun, picnics, ice cream, …

Thanksgiving Word Scramble Puzzle



Thanksgiving is a national holiday celebrated in USA, Canada and other parts of the world. Find the terms related to Thanksgiving holiday activities.

Spring Season Word Scramble Puzzle

Spring Season


fresh, rainy, fragrant, chirping, growing, sunshine, green, heavenly, bouquet, relaxing, breeze, sunny, picnic, blooms, colorful, renewing, newborn, …

Summer Vacation Word Scramble Puzzle

Summer Vacation


ship, souvenir, tour, ticket, bus, map, itinerary, road, train, cruise, passport, camera, passenger, travel, airplane, vacation

Halloween Word Scramble Puzzle



Halloween is a holiday celebrated each year in many countries on October 31st. The events and activities are related to Trick-or-treating, funny costumes, scary movies and characters. Find the words related to Halloween.

Scary Words Word Scramble Puzzle

Scary Words


This puzzle has the scary, creepy, monster, spooky creatures and animals related to the Halloween festival.

New Year Word Scramble Puzzle

New Year


New Year is the time or day at which a new calendar year begins. Words search puzzle related to celebrations and events of New Year.

Spring Word Scramble Puzzle



cleaning, tulips, flowers, easter, jacket, sunshine, breeze, blooming, grow, april, picnic, kite, march, break, season, showers, windy

Weekend & Seasonal Activities Word Scramble Puzzle

Weekend & Seasonal Activities


surfing, go shopping, camping, summer, read a book, play, surf the net, ice skating, winter, spring, skiing, watch tv, swimming, fishing, autumn, …

Haunted House Word Scramble Puzzle

Haunted House


rat, zombie, spider, chains, spirit, rubble, skeleton, bat, painting, dust, ghost, slime, darkness, piano, cobweb, witch

Fall Break Word Scramble Puzzle

Fall Break


autumn, october, hayride, leaves, fall, pumpkin, apples, chilly, cranberry, carnival, harvest, corn, wagon, haystack, acorn, gourd

Months of the Year Word Scramble Puzzle

Months of the Year


A fun puzzle based on the names of the months in a year. The players or especially kids may find it entertaining and engaging while finding the hidden words from the matrix of random words.

Summer Activities Word Scramble Puzzle

Summer Activities


beach, barbecue, tennis, camping, road trip, walk, mini golf, park, bike ride, holiday, swimming, sun bathing, berry picking, picnic, fishing, …