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A collection of animals word search puzzles. Choose from the list to play online or add your own words to customize and download.

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Habitats Word Scramble Puzzle



Habitats are places where plants and animals live. Find the words associated with different kind of habitats.

Big Cats - Wild Cats Word Scramble Puzzle

Big Cats - Wild Cats


Find the words associated with wild cat breeds or different species of wild cats.

Animal Body Parts Word Scramble Puzzle

Animal Body Parts


Find the words related to the body parts of different animals including insects, birds, pets, domestic and wild animals.

Fox Word Scramble Puzzle



prey, fly, wing, fur, predator, broken, fox, carnivores, fast, forest, slender, reflex, desert, species, burnt, cave

Snakes Word Scramble Puzzle



copperhead, gopher, rat snake, diamondback, garter, python, mamba, rattlesnake, king cobra, indigo, green snake, cottonmouth, anaconda, smooth, sea …

Tropical Birds Word Scramble Puzzle

Tropical Birds


Word search based on birds found in tropical regions.

North American Owls Word Scramble Puzzle

North American Owls


mottled, stygian, balsas, hawk, mountain, spotted, cape, snowy, colima, fulvous, long eared, short eared, boreal, pygmy, screech, striped, great gray, …

The Leatherback Sea Turtle Word Scramble Puzzle

The Leatherback Sea Turtle


flippers, ocean, reptile, pollution, jellyfish, crabs, turtle, species, leatherback, river, carnivore, carapace, swimming, nesting, endangered

Pet Word Scramble Puzzle



guinea pig, lizard, iguana, rat, rabbit, ferret, turtle, bird, mouse, hamster, dog, cat, reptiles, fish, snake, horse

Deep Sea Creatures Word Scramble Puzzle

Deep Sea Creatures


blobfish, wolffish, gulper eel, gangtooth, anglerfish, chimaera, grenadier, shark, amphipod, isopod, dragonfish, squid

Fossils and Extinct Animals Word Scramble Puzzle

Fossils and Extinct Animals


trilobite, dinosaurs, monster whale, auroch, dino turkey, guacca, woolly rhino, camelops, aqua turtle, mammoth, mosasaur, nautiloid, triceratops, …

Toads Word Scramble Puzzle



houston, california, texas, western, green, american, boreal, gulf coast, black, canadian, arroyo, oak, arizona, yosemite, cane, red spotted

Frogs Word Scramble Puzzle



smoky, spotted, cricket, maud island, pickerel, cascades, pig, green, tree, true, ghost, wood, glass, tailed, sheep, poison dart

Squirrel Word Scramble Puzzle



Word Search Puzzle with words list related to Squirrel. This is such a fun and interactive way of getting players to think about squirrels, acorns and forests.

Sport Fish Word Scramble Puzzle

Sport Fish


zander, amelt, carp, wahoo, cobia, payara, spot, mahi mahi, marlin, halibut, mackerel, tuna, bar jack, cod, perch, trout

Wild Life Animals Word Scramble Puzzle

Wild Life Animals


lion, cheetah, bear, kangaroo, snake, crocodile, leopard, penguin, monkey, bobcat, ostrich, panther, wolf, zebra, moose, warthog, tiger, giraffe, …

Exotic Animals Word Scramble Puzzle

Exotic Animals


A word search puzzle based on the variety of exotic animals that can be kept as pets.

Zoo Animals Word Scramble Puzzle

Zoo Animals


hippo, rhino, gorilla, lion, tiger, crocodile, elephant, bear, chimpanzee, panda, wolf, zebra, koala, coyote, giraffe, cheetah

Sheep Breeds Word Scramble Puzzle

Sheep Breeds


icelandic, hampshire, kerry hill, galician, marwari, merino, cameroon, faroe, bond, assaf, africana, galway, dorset, jacob, bizet, altay

Horse Breeds Word Scramble Puzzle

Horse Breeds


appaloosa, mustang, jutland, friesian, gidran, boerperd, quarab, morgan, shire, lipizzan, noriker, holsteinder, arabian, clydesdale, kabarda, …

Marine Life Word Scramble Puzzle

Marine Life


stingray, starfish, seals, anchovy, sea lion, cod, jellyfish, whale, lobster, crab, turtle, walrus, dolphin, octopus, prawn, sea otter, tuna, clown …

Dog Activities Word Scramble Puzzle

Dog Activities


A list of activities that the dogs do or you can do with your pet dog like running, swimming etc. for entertainment.

In the Jungle Word Scramble Puzzle

In the Jungle


gorilla, python, tiger, koala, bullfrog, giraffe, chimpanzee, zebra, black bear, leopard, cheetah, rhino, hippo, lemur, jaguars, elephant

Endangered Animals Word Scramble Puzzle

Endangered Animals


Endangered animals are the ones that are very likely to become extinct in the near future. Find the related hidden words in this puzzle grid.