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Art Vocabulary Word Scramble Puzzle

Art Vocabulary

Arts & Crafts

emphasis, markers, space, patterns, balance, agenda, color, texture, shape, line, unity, rhythm, value, dye, crayons, pencils

Art Supplies Word Scramble Puzzle

Art Supplies

Arts & Crafts

chalk, cups, glue, pencils, markers, clay, pencil box, crayola, pastel, colors, scissors, folders, paper, palette, wipes, paint, brushes, rulers, …

Ceramics Word Scramble Puzzle


Arts & Crafts

throwing, pottery, feldspar, reduction, oxidation, earthenware, silica, porcelain, slip cast, bisque, under glaze, kiln, glaze, stoneware, bone dry, …

Clay Vocabulary Word Scramble Puzzle

Clay Vocabulary

Arts & Crafts

pinch pot, leather hard, kiln, pottery, shrink, green ware, slab, wedging, slip, scoring, glaze, additive, subtractive, bisque, firing, coil

Photography Word Scramble Puzzle


Arts & Crafts

focus, shutter, frame, sensor, light, color, film, aperture, angle, digital, image, macro, camera, automatic, negative, speed, exposure, lens

Graphic Design Word Scramble Puzzle

Graphic Design

Arts & Crafts

kerning, artwork, font, scale, border, logo, pixel, decorate, crop, contrast, typography, style, client, vector, illustrate, picture

Shades of Pink Word Scramble Puzzle

Shades of Pink

Arts & Crafts

amaranth, shrimp, salmon, coral, carnation, pompadour, thulian, shell pink, cerise, cyclamen, peach, hot pink, ultra pink, flamingo, puce, carmine

Art Room Word Scramble Puzzle

Art Room

Arts & Crafts

paint, cardboard, canvas, tape, watercolor, fabric, collage, pencils, origami, scissors, felt, pens, glue gun, paper, markers, crayons

French Colours Word Scramble Puzzle

French Colours

Arts & Crafts

blue, violet, black, noir, gris, rough, blanc, red, marron, brown, jaune, grey, rose, bleu, purple, green, brun, pink, vert, white

Light Colors Word Scramble Puzzle

Light Colors

Arts & Crafts

ivory, beige, canary, bisque, lavender, peach, jasmine, pearl, apricot, azure, linen, lemon, cyan, rose, light pink, moccasin

Brown Word Scramble Puzzle


Arts & Crafts

fallow, ecru, fawn, oatmeal, camel, bronze, buff, auburn, burgundy, beige, chestnut, russet, ocher, sepia, rust, coffee

Types of Fabric Word Scramble Puzzle

Types of Fabric

Arts & Crafts

poplin, bamboo, wool, acetate, jute, linen, rayon, polyester, cloth, muslin, microfiber, velvet, satin, acrylic, silk, nylon

Sewing Word Scramble Puzzle


Arts & Crafts

rayon, sew, stitches, nylon, polyester, fabric, material, wool, knit, zipper, button, pattern, needle, scissors, thread, cloth

Art Techniques Word Scramble Puzzle

Art Techniques

Arts & Crafts

watercolor , pigment , glass , gouache , charcoal , collage , acrylic , lithography , photo , pencil , oil pastel , pottery , marker , clay , paint , …

Collectibles Word Scramble Puzzle


Arts & Crafts

poster, rock, autograph, keys, leaves, sticker, beads, books, comics, flags, recipe, cards, stamps, marbles, trophy, jewellery, dolls, coins, balls, …

Art resources and Equipment Word Scramble Puzzle

Art resources and Equipment

Arts & Crafts

glue, shapes, pencil, tracing, high lighting, brushes, artist board, colors, paper, oils, pallet, models, eraser, glass, ruler, tracing paper, …

Fiber Arts Word Scramble Puzzle

Fiber Arts

Arts & Crafts

cotton, felt, weave, silk, measuring tape, crochet, stitch, sewing machine, needle, yarn, blanket, crochet hook, thread, basket, quilt, cross stitch, …

Sculpture Word Scramble Puzzle


Arts & Crafts

kiln, plaster, model, fire, texture, stone, knead, cardboard, coil, sponge, weaving, slab, pinch, pottery, cast, mosaic, ceramics, carve, fibers, wood

Origami Word Scramble Puzzle


Arts & Crafts

crane, paper, pattern, bird, creases, dolphin, crab, airplane, japanese, boat, star, cuts, modular, art, craft, folding

Shades of Brown Word Scramble Puzzle

Shades of Brown

Arts & Crafts

auburn, khaki, fawn, caramel, copper, bronze, beige, chocolate, wheat, russet, buff, almond, beaver, sepia, sienna, camel

Art Styles Word Scramble Puzzle

Art Styles

Arts & Crafts

realism, comics, graffiti, arabic, fauvism, african, folk, classic, pop art, digital, abstract, cubism, primitive, egyptian, baroque, futurism

Elements Of Design Word Scramble Puzzle

Elements Of Design

Arts & Crafts

parallel, curvy, vertical, unity, space, shape, proportion, value, color, broken, variety, balance, texture, horizontal, diagonal, emphasis

Art Class Word Scramble Puzzle

Art Class

Arts & Crafts

paper, color wheel, paint, color, shape, primary, marker, glue, elements, texture, secondary, canvas, sculpture, scissors, artist, space

The Camera Word Scramble Puzzle

The Camera

Arts & Crafts

develop, charger, optical, filters, shutter, focus, tripod, lenses, viewfinder, digital, exposure, self timer, flash, memory card, aperture, color …