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A collection of kids word search puzzles. Choose from the list to play online or add your own words to customize and download.

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Roblox Word Scramble Puzzle



Roblox is an online game platform and game creation system developed by Roblox Corporation. It allows users to program games and play games created by other users.

Lets Play Word Scramble Puzzle

Let's Play


splash, ladder, chains, fountain, playground, bubble, bucket, sketch, monkey, water, slide, swing, bridge, spray, safety, play

Beyblades Word Scramble Puzzle



spin, longinus, attack, burst, toy, defense, luinor, launcher, dranzer, japan, stadium, stamina, zeutron, hasbro, takara, sryzen

School Supplies Word Scramble Puzzle

School Supplies


List of word to find that relate to common school supplies and school life.

Month Names Word Scramble Puzzle

Month Names


Find the hidden month names of the year in this fun word search puzzles.

Harry Potter Words Word Scramble Puzzle

Harry Potter Words


reparo, zonko, accio, lumos, patronus, obliviate, thestral, ferula, crup, evanesco, butter beer, dementor, horcrux, nox, incendio, muggle

Angry Birds Word Scramble Puzzle

Angry Birds


game, chuck, poppy, bubbles, dahlia, luca, silver, king pig, boomerang, stella, willow, chick, birds, red, finnish, bad piggies

Costume Party Word Scramble Puzzle

Costume Party


witch, fairy, vampire, ninja, mummy, ghost, fireman, astronaut, caveman, nurse, robot, angel, cowboy, scarecrow, clown, pirate

Clown Show Word Scramble Puzzle

Clown Show


grin, big shoes, tricks, comedy, patches, sets, hats, routines, trip, costume, props, humor, whistles, wit, slapstick, perform

Childrens Outdoor Fun Word Scramble Puzzle

Children's Outdoor Fun


run, football, hike, walk, jump rope, bike, sledding, baseball, kickball, playground, boating, swim, tag, camp, soccer, volleyball

Toys Word Scramble Puzzle



yoyo, blocks, barbie, bubbles, football, cars, puzzles, crayons, bike, whistle, tricycle, doll, playdoh, marbles, drums, teddy bear

Pokemon Word Scramble Puzzle



Word search puzzles related to the popular video game series Pokemon, a short form of Pocket Monsters.

Super Mario Word Scramble Puzzle

Super Mario


nintendo, ghost, mario, super, jump, star, portal, fly, level, toad, peach, adventure, larry, mushroom, fire

Childrens Indoor Fun Word Scramble Puzzle

Children's Indoor Fun


sleepover, dress up, doll house, tea party, board games, computer, paint, dance, colors, cards, read, puzzles, movies, video games, sing, crafts

Bedtime Stories Word Scramble Puzzle

Bedtime Stories


journey, aliens, charming, imagine, magical, fairy tale, amuse, characters, happy, humor, morals, animals, book, action, fable, castle

Childrens Book Characters Word Scramble Puzzle

Children's Book Characters


elois, clifford, heidi, alice, matilda, max, ramona, eeyore, waldo, ruby, horton, mr toad, lorax, harry potter, arthur, spot

Fortnite Word Scramble Puzzle



towers, springs, bandage, fields, fortnite, royale, crossbow, squad, creative, loot boxes, dusty, victory , scar, battle, wood, skydive

Nursery Rhymes Word Scramble Puzzle

Nursery Rhymes


pig, wall, fleece, bells, fiddle, buns, star, bone, plum, hen, cow, moon, cat, shoe, king, mother, lamb, garden, fall, fiddler

Bigfoot: A Hoax? Word Scramble Puzzle

Bigfoot: A Hoax?


Word search terms related to legendary creatures. Big foot creatures are not always scary but usually are used (mostly in stories) to keep the naughty kids away from their trickster way.

Days of Week Word Scramble Puzzle

Days of Week


Words search puzzles consists of hidden words based on days of week.

Circus Word Scramble Puzzle



popcorn, bears, lions, elephant, jugglers, cage, trapeze, hoops, clowns, stilts, tigers, fire, horses, unicycle, ring master, net

Minecraft Word Scramble Puzzle



diamond, build, game, minecraft, zombies, ore, portal, spawn, mobs, slime, skeleton, witch, wolf, sheep, cow, axe, creeper, sword, iron, pig

Movies for Kids Word Scramble Puzzle

Movies for Kids


shrek, the incredibles , dumbo , aladdin , snow white , toy story , mulan , pocahontas , pinocchio , peter pan , finding nemo , star wars , frozen , …

Playtime! Word Scramble Puzzle



basketball, slide, dodge ball, teacher, laugh, tag, jungle gym, rings, run, swings, friends, monkey bars, catch, whistle, line, classmates