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Monsters, Inc. Word Scramble Puzzle

Monsters, Inc.

Comics & Animation

Monsters is a 3D computer animated comedy film that centers on two monsters. Find the words or things related to this movie.

The King of Queens Word Scramble Puzzle

The King of Queens


The The King of Queens is an American television series. The story is about a simple working class couple, Doug, a delivery man and hist wife, Carrie, a secretary at a law firm. It take a hilarious turn when Carrie's father Arthur moves in with them.

Saints Word Scramble Puzzle


Religion & Belief

andrew , patrick , cecilia , bede , peter , dunstan , sebastian , paul , joan of arc , joseph , christopher , rosalia , michael , lawrence , helier , …

Hotel Amenities Word Scramble Puzzle

Hotel Amenities

Travel & Tourism

parking, spa, internet, hot tub, pool, game room, gift shop, room service, catering, breakfast, pets, bar, banquet, kitchen, health club, dry cleaning

Tokyo Word Scramble Puzzle


Cities & Places

museums, fish market, sushi, tower, disneyland, sky tree, train, tempura, ginza, tokyo , park, temple, sumo, yakitori, godzilla, dome

Interview Word Scramble Puzzle



handshake, training, skills, voice tone, awards, abilities, ethics, employee, mood, resume, listening, personal, hire, experience, employer, data …

Home Run! Word Scramble Puzzle

Home Run!


base hit, infield, single, double, home plate, team, triple, mound, glove, bat, outfield, helmet, first base, baseball, left field, homerun

Positive Affirmations Word Scramble Puzzle

Positive Affirmations

People & Society

friendly, wonderful, smart, strong, admired, generous, positive, independent, loving, leader, reliable, caring, beautiful, brave, handsome, confident

Plants vs Zombies Word Scramble Puzzle

Plants vs Zombies


zombies, chilipepper, sunflower, buckethead, duckytube, brains, walnut, dave, peashooter, plants, play, lawnmower, lilypad, gane, conehead, cherrybomb

Layers of the Atmosphere Word Scramble Puzzle

Layers of the Atmosphere


ozone layer, ionosphere, exosphere, oxygen, temperature, troposphere, altitude , mesosphere, thermosphere, stratosphere, observations, nitrogen

Armed Forces Day Word Scramble Puzzle

Armed Forces Day


army, flag, peace, soldier, marines, force, salute, national, honor, sailor, pilot, guard, holiday, coast, admiral, ship

Tea Party Word Scramble Puzzle

Tea Party


lemon, cookies, cupcakes, teaspoon, milk, napkins, flowers, chai, ladies, teacup, dresses, ginger, sugar, teapot, biscuits, mug

Kindness Word Scramble Puzzle


People & Society

A puzzle worksheet containing all the kind words. Play and explore the concept of kindness with this fun activity game.

Three Little Pigs Word Scramble Puzzle

Three Little Pigs

Books & Literature

Three Little Pigs is a kids story about three pigs who build three houses of different materials like straws, sticks and bricks and a bad Wolf blows down the two pigs' houses.

Elvis Presley Songs Word Scramble Puzzle

Elvis Presley Songs


fever, anyone, danny boy, faded love, at the hop, angel, hound dog, amen, dark moon, almost, santa lucia, blue moon, am i ready, crying time, ask me, …

Landscaping Word Scramble Puzzle


Home & Garden

lawn, rock, yard, deck, patio, design, tree, slope, hillside, accessory, soil, masonry, pathway, mulch, climber, nursery, brick, compost, fern, garden

Music Terms Word Scramble Puzzle

Music Terms


tempo, pedals, acoustic, bass clef, rhythm, composer, strings, ebony, pitch, strike, damper, measure, felt, piano, bar line, staff, lyrics, hammer, …

Global Warming Word Scramble Puzzle

Global Warming


fuels, atmosphere, argon, warming, climate, temperature, gases, emissions, greenhouse, weather, dioxide, methane, carbon, sea level, glaciers, fossil

Prison Word Scramble Puzzle


Law & Government

cell, parole, security, jail, visits, programs, warden, officer, nurse, therapist, medium, education, probation, prisoner, chains, medical

West Africa Word Scramble Puzzle

West Africa


congo river, gold jewelry, spirits, ancestral, continent, weapons, zambezi river, tools, niger river, camel, nature, inland delta, animism, iron, …

Famous Artists Word Scramble Puzzle

Famous Artists


renoir, rivera, vermeer, chagall, basquiat, hopper, raphael, kahlo, klimt, matisse, seurat, cassatt, goya, turner, picasso, munch

Fictional Drinks Word Scramble Puzzle

Fictional Drinks

Food & Drinks

buzzz cola, cadre cola, victory gin, ovalkwik, alamo beer, pingo doce, tenafly viper, ambrosia, pitt cola, blue milk, slurm, duff beer, buzz beer, …

The Yankee Clipper Word Scramble Puzzle

The Yankee Clipper


The Yankee Clipper or Joseph Paul DiMaggio, was an American baseball center fielder who played as major league baseball for the New York Yankees.

Days and Months Word Scramble Puzzle

Days and Months


Solve this Days and Months word search puzzle by finding all the hidden words related to the names of months and weekdays.