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  • At the Movies Word Search Puzzle

    At the Movies


  • 1990s Songs Word Search Puzzle

    1990's Songs


  • 1980s Songs Word Search Puzzle

    1980's Songs


  • The Twelve Days of Christmas Word Search Puzzle

    The Twelve Days of Christmas


  • Titanic Word Search Puzzle



    Titanic is an epic romance and disaster film centered around the ship Titanic that disappeared beneath the waves due to hit by an Iceberg. Find the terms related to the characters and other things in the movie.

  • Cocktails Word Search Puzzle


    Food and Drinks

  • Italian Desserts Word Search Puzzle

    Italian Desserts

    Food and Drinks

  • Catsup or Ketchup Word Search Puzzle

    Catsup or Ketchup

    Food and Drinks

  • Milk Word Search Puzzle


    Food and Drinks

  • Pitch Perfect Word Search Puzzle

    Pitch Perfect


    Pitch Perfect is a comedy and musical drama series. The main focus of the movie is around a group of singing girls and a fight to the top of college music competitions.

  • Film Crew Word Search Puzzle

    Film Crew


  • One Word Movie Titles Word Search Puzzle

    One Word Movie Titles


  • Back to the Future Word Search Puzzle

    Back to the Future


  • Fruit Dishes Word Search Puzzle

    Fruit Dishes

    Food and Drinks

  • All About Eggs Word Search Puzzle

    All About Eggs

    Food and Drinks

  • Types of Candy Word Search Puzzle

    Types of Candy

    Food and Drinks

    There are many types of candy variations and check out how many you can find in the puzzle.

  • Candy Bar Word Search Puzzle

    Candy Bar

    Food and Drinks

  • Spices Word Search Puzzle


    Food and Drinks

  • Vegan Food Word Search Puzzle

    Vegan Food

    Food and Drinks

  • Yeast Word Search Puzzle


    Food and Drinks

  • French Patisserie Word Search Puzzle

    French Patisserie

    Food and Drinks

  • Animals With Backbones Word Search Puzzle

    Animals With Backbones


  • The Lord of the Rings Word Search Puzzle

    The Lord of the Rings


    Word search puzzles of characters and terms related to a popular novel based movie, The Lord of the Rings.

  • Star Wars Word Search Puzzle

    Star Wars


    Star wars is a series of animated or live action movies and centers around three sets of trilogies referred to as the "Skywalker saga". Find the related words to star wars in this puzzle.